What's new in Pugpig?

As 2016 comes to an end we wanted to highlight some of the key features we've added to Pugpig in the last twelve months. Find out more below and start making the most of all these recent additions:

If you haven't updated your iOS or Android app recently we recommend planning a release in the New Year so you're making the most of the product and recent releases! Get in touch if you want more details.

Pugpig Bolt

Not one to rest on our laurels we've marked the end of the year by launching a brand new product and would like to introduce you to Pugpig Bolt. We designed Bolt with brands in mind, and a focus on engaging with your audience and pulling together the best of your content from your channels and social media streams.

With a unique widget framework you can create incredibly addictive feature-packed apps that go way beyond just delivering pages of content. It’s mobile, it’s fast, it's simple, it’s engaging and it’s habit-forming. In three months we have already built our MVP alpha version on iOS and the Pugpig Post is now live with this so you can install here. Pugpig Bolt will be commercially ready in Q1 2017 and before that we're working with key launch partners in a beta rollout. Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.

PDF to Pugpig

Great news, you may have heard, we now offer more ways to get your PDF content into Pugpig! PDFs are a great source of content but can make for a terrible reading experience so we've come up with some smart solutions. We now partner with X-CAGO* to offer conversion of PDF to HTML and we also offer conversion of PDF to images in HTML with pinch to zoom functionality on Pugpig Express and Pugpig Pro Wordpress sites.

These services can help drastically reduce the effort to create a fully responsive Pugpig edition, they can also be useful to quickly add a back catalogue, great for customers migrating from another app platform, or to create additional content and supplements. Watch our webinar for more info here.

Easy App Migrations

As well as providing multiple ways to get PDF content onto Pugpig we can also do clever things to manage app upgrades from another platform including Adobe DPS. When updating an existing app to a Pugpig one we can ensure we keep your subscribers logged in. This reduces negative app reviews and customer support calls or emails making for a frictionless move onto Pugpig.

Firebase push and other integrations

We continue to build up our set of third party integrations. Firebase has now replaced Parse as our supported out of the box push notification provider and we continue to support the more feature-rich Urban Airship provider as well. We have also worked on custom integrations for clients on many others including AppBoy, AppsFlyers, Facebook, Krux, and SnowPlow. A full list of integrations with third party SDK's can be found here.

Improved Archiving

We now include automatic archiving of editions based on the duration the user last read content. We've made the feature really flexible so you can apply a default setting for the app. This will help prevent your app from taking up lots of storage on users' devices and gives users one less reason to uninstall. The user can also manage their archiving preferences from the Settings area. Users can now quickly archive by long holding on edition covers as well.

App discovery, indexing, deep linking & smart banners

In the Pugpig Distribution Service we provide what we refer to as a 'Share URL'. For every Pugpig page you have a Share URL which you can use across all of your marketing communications and you can apply campaign tracking too.

The Share URL is part of a larger ecosystem that we offer which includes:

  • On device app indexing
  • iOS Universal Links
  • Deep linking to content in the app if it is installed or opening the shared page in the browser with native app smart banners
  • Meta-data needed for sharing to various social media platforms. This takes care of what is shared and how it is formatted, so you don’t have to!

This all works together to increase discoverability driving your content into the hands of potential new users, increasing app installs and bring existing users back to your app to increase engagement and reduce retention.

Visual improvements

We've made some important visual improvements to the app containers on iOS and Android and our web reader. On web we've centred our storefront and tidied up our Account and Settings areas. On iOS and Android our timeline view has had a makeover, more details on this here. We added some new screens to the startup flow for push permissions to improve the user onboarding experience and tried to reduce steps to get to the content with a change to 'download always'. 

Alongside the larger changes we've also addressed some smaller UI improvements adding touch feedback to buttons, labels and tabs, as well as more delightful animations to help better communicate download states and progress.

We are also in the process of adding a visual offline indicator to our storefront view so users are more aware when their device is offline and they can't download new content.

Revenue/Marketing Opportunities

Automatic location-based login
This is a really exciting feature which could be a great marketing opportunity. You can now set up location based login. What this means is when a user is in a particular location (based on IP) the app will automatically login and give unrestricted access to content. It's great for giving access to everyone in your office but with wifi hotspots up and down the country you could target specific campaigns in places like Pret, Starbucks, airports etc. 

Social sharing and promotion
We offer a complete sharing ecosystem for your digital content that helps to drive readers into your app. Everything your publish through the Pugpig Distribution Service is sharable and with it we support app indexing, and deep linking into the app.

Promos and Advertising
In Pugpig Distribution did you know you and your team can manage app promo images to display in your app storefront? You can upload an image asset and configure the promo to open an external URL or perform an in-app action like open the Login screen or purchase a subscription. We also support server-driven slot-based advertising, the ability to add special marketing pages which are only shown to non-subscribers and support for bonus editions which are only shown to subscribers. Get in touch if you want to find out more around these options.

All things Express

If you use our Pugpig Express product, here's some recent features which we hope you're already using but if not, we recommend checking them out. If you incorporate any of these into your next issue, we'd love to hear about it!

  • Shorts - a new content type designed to handle short stories and articles.
  • Charts - a new plugin to create beautiful chart
  • Shopping Pages - a new content type which gives you a shop-able grid of products
  • Classic Skin - our sixth skin giving you more choice
  • Apple News - a plugin to enable you to publish articles to Apple News
  • Inline image alignments (Left, Right, Centre and None)

We also support the ability to hide the app toolbar, and turn off 'Back to Top' features and 'Pinch to Zoom' on images. Pugpig Express release notes can be found here.

Using SDK?

If you are interested in any of the features listed above and want to integrate something similar or just discuss some ideas please get in touch. Most features, in particular ones which include user interface elements are usually only made readily available to customers using our out of the box products like Express and the App Containers. However, if you use the Pugpig SDK/Toolkit product and want to integrate into your own systems or apps this can usually be accommodated. Get in touch so we can help you and your development team.

An up to date feature list for our Pugpig App Containers can be found here


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