Urban Airship - Sending a deep link via push

If you have set up your app for deep linking with the new associated domains and you have push notifications configured with an Urban Airship account you can follow this guide on how to send a push message with a deep link to a certain page/article in the app. Please note: Urban Airship may change their website and dashboard interface from time to time. This was correct at time of print. If you have issues please contact Urban Airship support.


  1. Login to Urban Airship
  2. Select your app

Set up Deep Link

Before you send a push message you need to set up a deep link, a bit like a library bank of deep links that you can then later choose from. To do this:

  1. Locate the Settings 'Cog' icon and select 'Configuration' from the menu dropdown (or add /config/ to the end of your browser url)
  2. In the configuration view you'll see a Deep Link tab further down the page and alongside it a 'New Deep Link' button (orange), see below:

  3. Enter an appropriate reference name and paste your Distribution Share URL (more on what this is and where you get it here) into the URL Template field:

Send Push Message

Now for sending the push message:

  1. Select a Create New > Message option in UA
  2. Fill out the relevant details; Audience tab e.g All Devices
  3. Move onto Content tab enter the push notification text, then under Message Action select Deep Link from dropdown:
  4. This will provide an additional drop-down list of all the deep links you've created:
  5. Complete the remaining items 'Delivery', 'Review' and send or schedule your push!


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