How to create a 'shorts' article

The 'Shorts' content type is a structured page containing multiple articles with sidebar navigation and scrollable short body content. When clicking a sidebar item, the associated short story will auto-scroll into view. In addition, scrolling through the body content will highlight the associated navigational item to help indicate which article the user is viewing.

Idea: Why don't you try using it as a scrollable image gallery? Just upload some thumbnail and main media images and leave the rest blank!

Step 1 - Create a new 'shorts' page

  • In the main menu, click 'Shorts'. 
  • From here click 'Add Shorts Page', this will open the editable shorts article form. 

Step 2 - Add content to the page

  • Add a page title
  • Add header group content by filling out the fields in 'Shorts Header Group' fieldset. If no data is added then no header group will display. The following items will display in the header group.

- Add a page slug
- Add a main headline 
- Add a standfirst 
- Add an author headshot and / or author name

  • Add content to side navigation and body content

- Add thumbnail image - displays in left-hand sidebar navigation
- Add thumbnail title - displays in left-hand sidebar navigation
- Add a main media image, caption and/or credit - this will display in the scrollable body content on the right-hand panel.
- Add a slug, headline, standfirst and/or body content for the short story - this will display in the scrollable body content on the right-hand panel.

  • Turn article separator on/off - The article separator divides the end of one article and the beginning of the next.
  • Configure the contents page and table of contents settings

- It is possible, like other articles, to override contents page and table of contents settings. These settings determine how this article is represented on the contents page (if you chose to use one) and the native table of contents.

  • Assign a section (optional)
  • Select edition tag

Step 3 - Publish the page

  • Click the 'Publish' button to publish the article.  It won't go live immediately, but it is necessary to preview the article.


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