How to share content on Pugpig

Our Pugpig Distribution Services takes care of all the URLs you need to share your Pugpig content across social media, email, wbe and native push notification campaigns.

You can easily find Share URLS to your Pugpig content from your Distribution dashboard.

  • Log in to Distribution or request access via
  • Select your application and in the left hand navigation panel expand the Content Sources add-on and select your Production, Main or Express content feed below it. This view shows the list of editions available in your content feed:
  • Select a specific edition to see all the pages of content related to that edition:
  • If you click on a page title it opens the page in a new browser window - this is your Share URL*. You'll notice we have a 'Share column in this table list of Page titles and you can use these to also get the url links. At the moment this is adding AddThis URL tracking to the end of the links which we intend to modify for future use.


*A handful of customers opt to share to something a bit different like their main website over the Pugpig content or if they have their own CDN in place etc so this isn't always the case for everyone but for most out of the box customers it is.



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