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Note: The following is true as of Pugpig Products iOS v1.6.0+, Android v1.5.0+ and Web 3.0.0+. Older versions may differ in the layout and options available.

This article explains the Pugpig Storefront design and layout theme options available. It includes screenshots to show how the layouts can look across our Web, iOS and Android platforms.  


The web reader storefront is our hero platform for our new storefront design. This has always been a vertically scrolling grid however we have now centered the hero (most recent) edition cover and moved the logo into the toolbar.



We've now moved the storefront style (previous choice of grid / linear) out of config.plist and into the theme.plist. The default settings are:

There are two new Theme keys you can use:

  • Picker.ShowLargeCovers key to show large covers over grid layout
  • Picker.VerticalLayout key to scroll vertically (defaults to true for phone layouts)
  • LockOrientation

You also have the option to specify phone or tablet platform with ~phone and ~tablet

This allows you to have both iPad and iPhone vertically scrolling or horizontally scrolling now. There is some further optimisation we plan to do to increase the cover sizes and use more of the screen space now that the logo has moved into the toolbar and the filter tabs into a sidebar menu there is mroe real estate available to do this.

Whilst you can continue to use the horizontal scrolling option, we'd recommend taking the vertical scrolling layout option so your app storefront is consistent and aligned across the various platforms. 





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