Setting up for Apple News

Pugpig Express supports publishing your content to the Apple News platform. With the help of the Wordpress Apple News plugin we can enable you to publish Pugpig Express articles to your Apple News publisher account. For more details on how to set this up see below:

Before you start get an Apple News approved publisher account - sign up here.

Enable and Configure the Plugin

Log into your Pugpig Express site

Select Settings > Apple News*

*If you don't see the Apple News option available raise a support ticket and we'll switch on the plugin.

Add your Apple News API Key, Secret and Channel details to configure to your account, you'll find these in the Apple News Publisher portal. Remember to save your details somewhere other than in your Express site. 

Now select your publish preferences from the following options:

  • Automatically publish to Apple News 
  • Automatically update Apple News 
  • Asynchronously publish to Apple News 

If you prefer to handpick what you publish to Apple News we recommend setting these options to No.


Style Your Content

Next, ensure you have Post selected under Post Types. You can then tweak format settings like fonts, colours, spacing etc. This will format the output of your content to the Apple News platform. 


Publish your Content

When you go to the Apple News tab in the left menu you will see all the Articles you have added. If you are not using auto-publish, you can manually publish the articles here by hovering on the Article title and clicking 'Publish'.

You will then be able to see your content in your channel in the News app. You can get a direct link by hovering on an article title and clicking 'Copy News URL'


What gets published?

The content in your article will be translated in to Apple News Format, which means that the images, galleries, videos and pull quotes will show in the styles you have selected for them. The headline, standfirst, author and date will also show. 

You will notice that box-outs and products do not currently show on the article pages. 

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