How to add Audio to Content

When creating your content in Express you can also add audio sound files to the following content types: Article, Shopping Page, Full Page Image, HTML Zip and Contents Page.

To do this, locate the 'Pugpig Sounds' box, see below. If you don't see this box please contact

Enter an audio title and audio artist/creator name, then upload a MP3 sound file and icon (square aspect ratio) small JPEG asset. Click 'Add Entry'.

Important note: We only support embedded MP3 files for audio. We recommend 10MB or less for your audio file size. Please optimise your files where possible to keep edition size down and avoid any memory issues or crashes.

Once you've added your entry you'll see the sound appear in the table below and you can save your article.

Viewing on a device

To preview audio on your device, open the app and navigate into the edition. When one or more audio files are present in an edition you should see a headphones icon appear in the toolbar or overflow panel. This headphone icon presents a list view of all the audio in this edition. 

We support various display states in the app around the icon and the list theme, for more information on these read the Display section over here

If your audio tracks are not associated with a specific page then we recommend adding them to the contents page or similar page near the beginning of your edition.

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