How to create HTML Zip and Advert layouts

We provide a range of example HTML zip files that you can use for full page institial adverts. 

Below is a already bundled HTML .zip you can use as a guide and upload to test the process. 


We also offer a whole github area here - with HTML code examples, instructions and template options you can download and configure.

We offer a single image advert, this scales the one image up or down with letterboxing for all device sizes. We also offer a multiple image advert option so you can target artwork for phones and tablets separately. This is useful when you want to ensure your copy size renders appropriately for the device size. Often a single A4 portrait print advert has copy that when scaled down onto a phone isn't readable. You could provide different images for this case. It provides instructions on how to change the image assets, change the url the image links to, and change the background letterbox colour.

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