Update on recent Google webview issue

A recent Chrome related update on Google Android devices has caused an issue with the Android webviews we use in Pugpig to display HTML pages.  

Issue: Some pages render blank until you touch the screen.

Details: We became aware of this problem after an Android System Webview update to 49.0.2623.105 (see The actual Chrome commit was pushed to their master code branch 5 weeks ago but it is hard to say when it started rolling out to devices but we expect in the last couple of weeks. If devices are set to auto-update they would have got the new version over the air so may be experiencing the issue. 
Our team are actively looking at the best solution for this. We have seen what we think may fix the issue, pushed 2 weeks ago, but this hasn't hit our devices yet. 

Fix: We're hoping that a pending scheduled Android beta release 50.0.2661.66 fixes the problem based on the Chromium commits:

    • 1e9f302 Fixing GPU hang in base::MessagePumpForUI::WaitForWork 
    • 54cfe8e Correctly reset ScrollAnimator animation state after cancelling animation
    • 8a65242 Fix issue with hit testing on the layer tree

The release started roll-out on 7/4 but hasn't hit all our devices yet. If the system webview update doesn't help, we have the option of rolling out a new version of products with the patch. 

Our workaround we can do forces the Chromium engine to re-flow/re-render, but it's a performance-intensive approach. It would require an Android app submission.

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