What do I need to set up push notifications for Android?

To set up push notifications for Android devices we will need the relevant keys from your chosen provider plus 3 things:

  • Your Package name
  • Your FCM Sender ID
  • You FCM API Server key

Your FCM Sender ID and API Server key can be generated from your Google Firebase Console ( , by logging in with your Google Play details.

Once logged in, you will come through to the main dashboard, where you can 'Create New Project':

*If you already have FCM projects they will be in this view.

Once you have selected 'Create New Project', there will be a pop, and you will need to name your project, and select the region:

Once the project is created, you will be in the project dashboard:

Next you need to find your FCM API Server Key, and Sender ID. Go to the Settings cog and select 'Project settings':

Under the 'Cloud Messaging' tab will be your Legacy server key and Sender ID:

Then simply send these details over to us!


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