Pugpig Distribution Service Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for public facing versions of the Pugpig Distribution Service. This service is hosted and managed by Kaldor so all upgrades to new versions happen automatically for our customers.

- v1.30.3 (Release date: 9/12/2016)
- v1.7.6 (Release date: 10/02/2016)
- v1.6.3 (Release date: 23/02/2015)
- v1.3.0 (Release date: 16/12/2015)


Pugpig Distribution Service 1.30.3

  • New Bolt product support: generating BOLT JSON feeds and Bolt Reader addon
  • Major improvements to Marketing > Promo Slots addon user interface
  • New feed process action to only update one edition
  • Ability to restrict users access to only certain publications in their account
  • Security updates; fixes around guessing URLs to wrong accounts publications & ability to add stronger security on an endpoint
  • Kaldor internal apps excluded from version reports
  • Update to iTunes addon to show more details
  • Allowing the deletion of Addons that fail validation
  • Improving reliablility by doing retries on file uploads
  • Allow the ability to proxy auth requests for IP locked goodness
  • App Copy report for read/writing of App Copy to distribution
  • Way to set a publication to do single ZIPs instead of a ZIP per page
  • Fastly - updating a CDN can now remove extra domains you didn't want any more. Also will show better error if you can't create a version as another client has the domain
  • Minor improvements to specific client add-ons and auth modules

Pugpig Distribution Service 1.7.3

  • Added iOS 7 usage report
  • Improvements to the bandwidth reporting
  • Updates for CRUD (Beta)
  • Server side auth feed now available
  • Added more app store review data for Amazon, Google Play
  • Added more validation for addon data
  • Google App Association File (for Google indexing)
  • Support for deploying config for web reader 3.0 and above
  • Specle and Puzzler improvements (no-one live yet so safe)
  • Splitting "Advanced" into two sections on the addon page
  • Fixing some cases on the PATS users
  • Small auth test form improvements
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