Setting up for Continuous Publishing

Available in Pugpig Express and Wordpress Connector v.2.4.0

In Express we offer a couple of settings which can curate your edition and order the articles automatically when you add new content. New articles will go straight into an edition and ordered on save or update of the article or the edition. This is particularly useful if you have a continuous publishing application.

For our continuous customers this set up will be handled by Kaldor as part of your Starter Pack so you don't need to do anything. The only thing to note is if at a later date you add new sections and you use auto-curation then these will need to be added to Pugpig Settings - Auto curator term order field. The full configuration needed is detailed below:

Pugpig Settings (site wide):

  • Automatically include new posts in editions option - tick on
    When you tick this any new or updated article will automatically be inserted into the relevant editions, it will also be removed from any editions it should now not be in. It won't order it beyond adding to the bottom. Gets rid of right hand box and user can still reorder, change etc.
  • Auto curator taxonomy field - this default to category if left blank however most Express customers will usually want to set this to curate their edition order by Sections. Enter 'Sections' into the box.
  • Auto curator term order field - if you entered Sections above you should list out in the preferred order of all your content sections that exist. If you don't include a section in this list content assigned to it will be ignored and not included in the edition.

Edition specific settings:

When you create or edit any edition you should then use the:

  • Autocurate the flatplan option - tick on
    This will look for every article with the correct edition tag applied, add to the edition and order them by taxonomy you have set.

This will automatically determine the page order in the flatplan box below - you won't be able to manually override the page order with this tick box enabled but you can switch it off to do manual overrides if you want. The order will be based on the taxonomy set in Pugpig settings ie. Sections. Articles will also be ordered by newest first based on Published Date. If you use a Tiled Table of Contents with Section taxonomy this means new articles will be the first tile.

Pushing Changes through Distribution

Whilst the above curates the edition, like with any content change in Express to push this to the live app you will need to use the 'Update Content' button in the Distribution Service.

If you have issues with this it is worth double checking you have the right set of Allowed Post Types listed in your Pugpig Settings and that your Articles have the right edition and section tags applied. If you still encounter problems please contact support.



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