How to add section colours

Express offers you the ability to set section colours to your articles. You are provided with the option to override the primary and secondary colour of your app from within the ‘section’ area of the CMS.

The primary colour will override:

  • The standfirst,
  • Blockquotes,
  • Gallery icon,
  • Slug text and footer text
  • Toolbar colour
  • Table of contents

The secondary highlight colour will override:

  • Boxout
  • Product backgrounds

How to set section colours

You can set the section colours by going to the ‘Section’ menu item. By clicking through to the section you will see two colour pickers where you can select or set your colours.

Remember to add the section to your article for this to work.


Section colour configuration

By default your setting colours will override your customised colours, but will not automatically colour the toolbar and table of contents.

If you want to edit these settings then go to Appearance > Customise > Section Colours and alter the settings to suit your preferences.


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