Creating and using WCK Swift templates

What are Swift Templates?

WCK Swift templates help you build front-end templates from within the Wordpress interface.

In Pugpig, you can create a swift template for a post, this allows you to create your own article designs and can really enhance your current themes.

Swift templates are perfect for a basic level programmer that has experience with basic level HTML and CSS.

How to create them?

Swift templates are well documented online. See the following links:


Create a new template for my article(s)

Select the page or post that you want your template to adhere to. In order to apply a new template to your article/s you will need to select ‘Post’.

In the 'Single Template' editor, start writing your HTML of your template and use the mustache variables e.g. {{{post-content}}} to print your text fields. There is more documentation and help about the use of mustache from the side panel of the single template editor.

Important: Tick the box below to ensure you can view the template in the dropdown menu


On your article page, you should be able to select the template from the drop down menu if the steps above have been followed correctly.


Note: If you have created a new post type and swift template for your content, you will need to add the new post type to the 'Allowed post types in flatplan' field, which can be located in the Pugpig settings.

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