How To Configure Overflow Toolbar Functionality

Note: Overflow capability is only available in Pugpig Products on iOS and Android from version 1.4.1+

Overflow functionality can be applied to all toolbars in your iOS and Android application; TOC, Document, Settings etc. Configuring how overflow behaves in your application can be done with keys in your Theme.plist file. 

The order icons appear can be set and then we support the option to do the following behaviour for each icon:

  • nothing (leave entry blank for auto placement - this will decide what goes into overflow based on available space),
  • never show (this means the icon will never show in the toolbar even if there is space and always sit in overflow) and
  • always show (will always sit in toolbar and never move into overflow).

This translates into theme options like any other theme entry with a key and a string value.

With 1.4.1 the default settings are: 

"Picker.Toolbar.Icons" = "Scrapbook;Account;Settings"

"Document.Toolbar.Icons" = "ScrapbookToggle;Search;Audio;Share;Wishlist;Thumbnails:ALWAYS"

"Scrapbook.Toolbar.Icons" = "ScrapbookToggle;Search;Audio;Share;Thumbnails:ALWAYS"

"TableOfContents.Toolbar.Icons" = "Reorder;Account:NEVER;Settings:NEVER"

"Settings.Toolbar.Icons" = NONE
"Settings.Details.Toolbar.Icons" = NONE

If you wish to modify the defaults you can add overriding keys and values to Theme.plist


"TableOfContents.Toolbar.Icons" = "Reorder;Account;Settings" 

This would let the app decide what sits in overflow based on available space so on iPhone some icons might sit on overflow and on iPad where there might be more space some sit outside of overflow


"TableOfContents.Toolbar.Icons" = "Reorder;Account:ALWAYS;Settings:ALWAYS"

This would ensure Account and Settings icons always show outside of overflow onboth iPhone and iPad even when there might not be space because a logo may be used

You can also add icons like Settings and Accounts to the main document toolbar by changing:

"Document.Toolbar.Icons" = "ScrapbookToggle;Search;Audio;Share;Wishlist;Account;Settings;Thumbnails:ALWAYS"

The order the icons display is set by the order they are listed in the string.

We've added new items across releases and now support 'TextResize' in the string list. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The label 'Reorder' is applicable to 1.4.2+ and was previously named 'Edit' in an earlier versions 1.4.1on iOS.

Please also specify the full 'icon' list as defined in our defaults when you make your own manual modifications in your theme.plist file. If you remove something like audio or wishlist from the Overflow definition then it will never show even if you have a audio file in your content or for example the feature switched on in your config.plist.

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