How to create Products and add them to an Article

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In order to add products to an article, you first create each product separately in the products content type and then reference them on the article. 

You will see a "Products" tab in the left navigation, click here and select "Add New". 

External SKU/Product ID Field

Each product will need a unique ID - this must be completely unique for all products in your site. This ID is what you will use to reference this product on an article.

Other Fields

Fill in the fields you require on the product, for example product title, description, price etc. Fields can be left empty. 

Save your product.

Adding products to an article

Each product can be referenced in more that one article. 

To add a product to an article, copy the Product ID you entered on the product, and navigate to the article you want to add it to. On the article page, if you scroll down you will see a field named "Add Products". 

Paste the ID of your product into the first field, and if you wish to show a different image in the article to that of the product itself, you may upload an image here.The image you uploaded to the product itself will show in the Pugpig Shopping modal. Click "Add Entry". 

You can add as many products to an article as you wish, simply paste another ID in to the first field and click "Add Entry" again. 


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