Pugpig Express Feature Set


A fully hosted and managed instance of WordPress within a multi-tenanted environment
Create and layout pages
Edit and customise the look and feel of the content
Create an edition and push content to the distribution service
Create and edit existing users



Create pages of responsive content
Select from 3 default layouts per page
Determine details about each page, for example if the main image should tap to full screen or if the Back to Top button should appear
Optionally add Products and Sounds
Optionally add images, galleries and videos
Define contents page, header group details and table of contents settings for each article
Override the standard layouts with a custom HTML template (written in Mustache)
Preview the content in a browser
Each article can have a Summary which will show in the app container, in the thumbnail view


Create pages made up of short storys, articles, snippets, images
One layout option but flexibility to show any number of short items with thumbnail and article content for each
Option to hide/show per short item separator
Can be used as an image gallery or for copy based content or a mix of both
Interactive and easy navigation between the short items so you can quickly jump and read between them
Define contents page and table of contents settings for each shorts page
Preview the content in a browser

Shopping Pages

Create a shopping page of responsive content / products
Ability to add product modal to main media image
Add optional inline product grid(s) with various grid layout options 
Define contents page and table of contents settings for each shopping page
Preview the content in a browser

Contents Pages

A contents page can be optionally added to each edition, and by default will list chronologically each page in that edition
Select from 2 default layouts per page
Appearance of articles and HTML zips on the contents page can be configured on each article
Add custom logo/image to contents page
Add custom slug


Upload zip files of standalone HTML that can be inserted into the edition as a regular page
Define contents page and table of contents settings for each HTML zip


Add edition metadata - cover, title, product ID etc
Re-order content within the edition
Preview the edition in a browser
Push content to the distribution service




Select from 6 pre-made skins to style the look and feel of your content
Write CSS to customise elements of the existing skin
Use 2 highlight colours to further theme the content along your brand guidelines
Apply optional section colours to override theme highlight colours on custom sections
Create custom content types, with custom fields and HTML layouts using WCK
Create custom HTML layouts for the existing article content type using WCK
Use custom webfonts in your content - these need to be added to the media library, then custom CSS can be added
You can add custom JavsScript using the Custom JavaScript plugin in Appearance

App Container Styling

Enable/disable icons in native Table of Contents
Show/hide articles and HTML Bundles from native Table of Contents
Enable/ disable section colours on native toolbar, table of contents and article components



Pugpig Products

Products can be added to WordPress then referenced in multiple articles and shopping pages using their SKU / unique ID.

Pugpig Sounds

Enable the Pugpig Sounds plugin on your site and you will be able to upload sounds to articles
These will be played in the apps using the native player

Full Page Image Extension

Enable the Full Page Image Extension plugin to create pages that are a single full page image

Edition Filters Plugin

Enable the Edition Filters Plugin to create edition filters

Feed importing

Import content from an RSS or XML feed
Map custom tags to fields using FeedWordPress plugin

Apple News

Initial support to publish Articles to Apple News via the Wordpress Apple News plugin

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