Select the visual styles for your content

Changing the Theme Colours and Skins from Pugpig on Vimeo. [Please note that the 'Express Theme Options' header has depreciated and you should use Style Options instead.]

Admin menu: Appearance > Customise

Open the 'Style Options' tab, and you will see some options. 

Select the theme skin - Select the skin to apply to your content - you can see the preview change. It’s best to have some content to be able to view the different styles


Select the highlight colours

- Primary highlight colour:

Colours the standfirst, blockquote, gallery icon

- Secondary highlight colour:

Colours the box-out background and product box

You can change these settings at any time, however they will take effect to all Articles and Editions, you can not have a different colour scheme or skin per Edition.


Enable section colours

In addition to primary and secondary highlight colours, you can control the colour of the content with section colours. These colours will override the primary and secondary highlight colours accordingly. Find out how to use section colours here.


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