What is needed to integrate with the Pugpig security API

Below is a list of what we need to integrate your authentication service with Pugpig, this work is typically covered by Kaldor under a Pugpig Authentication Pack. 

Before integration work can begin we need:

  • An HTTPS (or HTTP) API that can be accessed from our Distribution platform. At a minimum we need the ability to send user credentials to the API (usually username/email and password), with the API responding returning yes, no or more information about their entitlements. Ideally the login call returns a token, which can be used for subsequent calls to the API.
  • High level documentation explaining the API
  • Access to a working endpoint - this can be a staging or production endpoint. Production is safe as the integration only makes read only calls. It doesn't write or change any data
  • An example of every kind of user you have (active/lapsed/blacklisted/print only/etc/etc)
  • Any business rules explaining how we should interpret the responses, although hopefully most of this is handled by the origin subscription system
  • If the endpoint is restricted by IP address, and Kaldor are doing the integration on the Clouds Distribution Platform, you'll need to open access to the following IPs:
    • (Distribution Service - for Pro and Connect Customers)
    • (Distribution Service - for Pro and Connect Customers)
    • (Distribution Service - for Pro and Connect Customers)
    • (Kaldor Development Machines - all customers)


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