Pugpig Distribution Service Server-side Search API (for SDK users)

The Pugpig Distribution Service has an API that allows server-side search across editions. It's currently available for SDK users who use the Distribution Service. It's powered by Amazon Cloud Search. 

URL formats

Search for a keyword across all editions:

Search for a keyword in just one edition (specified by edition ID):

To search by article publish date add the date range to the end of the search URL like this:


For multiple keywords separate with a '+'

Syntax for category search

 Categories are added to the query string like:




A matching document must have ALL the supplied categories

The parameter value must be the category and the value separated by a |
For example:|pugpig_feature

For example, to find all articles with:

Category: = "pugpig_feature"
Category: = "Feature"

After URL encoding it should look like this:


Syntax for page size & pagination

You can specific the page size using &size=XX on the query string, where XX is between 1 and 200. The default is 20

You can specify the first result using "&start=XX" on the query string. The default is 0. So for page 2 with a page size of 20, using start=20.

The information for your paging is returning in the following categories:

<category scheme="" term="219"/>

<category scheme="" term="2"/>

<category scheme="" term="20"/>

Example search feed

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