Pugpig Express Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for versions of the Pugpig Express Theme for Wordpress. See the quick links below for all releases:

- v1.8.13 (Release date: 08/05/2017)
- v1.8.11 (Release date: 15/03/2017)
- v1.8.9 (Release date: 06/12/2016)
- v1.8.0 (Release date: 22/09/2016)
- v1.7.1 (Release date: 20/07/2016)
- v1.7.0 (Release date: 29/06/2016)
- v1.6.5 (Release date: 11/05/2016)
- v1.6.0 (Release date: 26/04/2016)
- v1.5.1 (Release date: 09/02/2016)
- v1.3.2 (Release date: 23/12/2015)
- v1.3.0 (Release date: 16/12/2015)
- v1.2.8 (Release date: 03/11/2015)
- v1.2.2 (Release date: 29/10/2015)
- v1.1.9 (Release date: 08/10/2015)
- v1.1.7 (Release date: 22/09/2015)
- v1.1.5 (Release date: 08/09/2015)
- v1.1.0 (Release date: 04/08/2015)
- v1.0.0 (Release date: 01/06/2015)

Important note: The Pugpig Express theme requires WCK Pro, this is licensed and paid for by Kaldor on all Pugpig Express hosted services however if you wish to use our Express theme on your own Professional or Connect instance you need to purchase a licence - you can do this here (price $139 at time of publish).


Pugpig Express 1.8.13


  • Moving gallery icons to top left corner (except on Classic skin)
  • Classic: updating headline padding and alignment
  • Fixing oversized content from overflowing containers
  • Removing suggested content from end of Youtube videos

3rd Party Upgrades

  • Metabox
  • Duplicate Post
  • Wordpress importer
  • Publish to Apple News

Pugpig Express 1.8.11


  • Improvement to boxout text position if no boxout image exists (Brand only)
  • Fix for caption text colour (Dusk only)
  • Adjustments to headline font size to ensure it's a consistent size across all layouts (Classic only)
  • The removing of unused skin fonts from manifest
  • Adding new table columns for post types list view
  • Fix for subtitle/caption displaying on shopping product grids
  • Fix for gallery styling on brand

Third Party Upgrades

  • Feedwordpress
  • Metabox
  • Duplicate Post
  • Slate Admin Theme
  • Mailgun

Pugpig Express 1.8.9

New Features

  • *Beta* PDF importer to convert pages to Full Page Images content types
  • *Beta* Pugpig Bolt Social Widget for new product (more details coming soon)
  • Prettier Dashboard widget
  • Improved web preview tool
  • RSS feed update to stop special characters printing in post title

Pugpig Express 1.8.0

New Features

  • New 'shorts' content type added. See documentation
  • Ability to hide app toolbar for every content type

Bug Fix

  • Fixing sanitisation of image caption 
  • Fixing jQuery script and isotope error bug on sortable contents page
  • Fixing update time of an edition entry if contents page is updated
  • Fixing colour picker button position on tinymce colour picker
  • Stop 'pp-media' printing twice and stop other classes being stripped out of image shortcode

Pugpig Express 1.7.1

 New Features

  • Added alignment to inline images (Left, Right, Centre and None)
  • Added new way to add custom urls and enable data-image-nozoom
  • Added section tag (classes) to the article body html

Bug Fix

  • jQuery is loaded if enabled in the Custom JS plugin
  • Shopping page display correctly on contents page and TOC

Pugpig Express 1.7.0

New Features

  • Nightmode for Dusk (previously known as Dark)
  • Added global back to top setting that shows / hides 'Back to top' on all previous and future editions.
  • Adding custom author field for all content types e.g. articles and providing a contents page option to show author field in contents blocks.

Bug Fixes

  • Main media image captions display consistently on tablet devices
  • Classic - Added Dropcap and Author Image
  • Classic - Body copy alignment fix
  • Removing Wordpress Admin toolbar 
  • Fix inline images / galleries not adding to manifest correctly

Pugpig Express 1.6.5

New Features

  • 'data-image-nozoom' can be added to figure tags by non super-admins to turn off the tap to full screen functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Videos display on Dark skin at 640px or less
  • Section colour is now applied to the same elements as the highlight colour
  • Section titles now display correctly in the table of contents, even if they contain an ampersand
  • Contents Page will now update if a post is deleted from the edition
  • Using the Author Name field for the author rather than the default WP Username - will show on Native Paywall

Pugpig Express 1.6.0

New Features

  • On the Shopping Page you can now insert product grids inline in the body using the ‘Add Product Grid’ button. They are styled using the existing styling fields. You can still add the product grid at the bottom of the content, as previously.
  • Sites in the My Sites list are now in alphabetical order - but you’ll only care if you have more than one Pugpig Express site
  • Integration with new Pugpig WordPress Connector functionality: to allow content to be saved without changing the updated date (good for adding adverts to multiple editions)
  • Finally add base styles for H4-H5-H6 in all skins (accessible in the dropdown in the text editor). These can still be overridden in Custom CSS.
  • Setting the default taxonomy-to-order-by (for auto-curation) to be 'Sections'
  • Full Page Images can now have tiled Table of Contents images
  • Group-by date feature added to the Edition to allow ordering by day (for stacked TOC)

Bug Fixes

  • Required JavaScript file is now being loaded on the Contents Pages in the Classic skin
  • You can now use HTML tags in the Shopping standfirst
  • Back to top now has smooth scroll to the top of the page on article and shopping page
  • On the contents page, the hero story HTML no longer makes a gap in the page when there isn't a hero story to display
  • Customise colour default now matches our default theme colours
  • Gallery mark-up does not get wrapped in <p> tags any more
  • Articles can now be included in more than one edition, and be protected in a paid edition and not in a free edition - using the tick box 

Third Party Updates

  • WCK 2.1.4 -> 2.2.4
  • Slate Admin Theme 1.1.5 -> 1.1.6
  • Announce from the Dashboard 1.5 -> 1.5.1
  • Simple Custom CSS 3.2 -> 3.3
  • Imsanity 2.3.5 -> 2.3.6
  • Mailgun 1.3.1 -> 1.4
  • Meta Box 4.5.3 -> 4.8.5



Pugpig Express 1.5.1

  • New: Shopping page content type added
  • New: Classic skin added 
  • New: Apple News plugin added
  • Free sample tick box added to articles / Ability to create Edition Previews
  • Removed buttons from TinyMCE editor (Strikethrough, Indents, Insert Read More and Keyboard Shortcuts).
  • TinyMCE toggle button removed and both rows always display 
  • TinyMCE colour picker displays highlight, section colours and saves new custom colours
  • Fix for CKEditor full screen mode 
  • Fix for box-out layouts - now display correctly without images
  • Fix for small images displaying incorrectly on Dark skin
  • Table of contents icon upload added to Full page Image
  • Disabled oEmbed feature (new of Wordpress 4.4.2)
  • Updated Pugpig Connector 2.4.1 
  • Updated Wordpress Core 4.4.2



Pugpig Express 1.3.2

  • Fix for video snapshots (Snapshot now displays Youtube image preview)
  • Offline message display for video content when offline
  • Box-out selection table is scrollable
  • Fix for content page isotope image loading
  • Minor Wordpress (4.4) bug fixes
  • Removed unused text editor from contents page and products page in CMS



Pugpig Express 1.3.0

  • Fix for contents page section title positions
  • Ability to add inline box-outs to article body. Default behaviour of repeatable box-outs remains the same as previous box-out display.
  • Whitespace is now removed from header group
  • Ability to link between articles in the same edition
  • Primary and secondary section colour fields are now colour pickers. Section colours settings can now control the section colour of the toolbar, table of contents and article colours.



Pugpig Express 1.2.8

  • Optimised the table of contents images
  • Optimised the contents page images
  • Minor bug fixes



Pugpig Express 1.2.2

  • Ability to add swift templates to custom post types
  • Section colours can be added to a section and can be used to override default customiser highlight colours
  • HTML Zips and Full Page Images are always hidden from the contents page
  • Pasting text into Tiny MCE editor no longer adds pp-media tag
  • Contents page article titles no longer flow into neighbours boxes
  • Business Skin Article 2 Slug overlays scrolled content
  • Dropcap feature displays in business skin



Pugpig Express 1.1.9

  • Added a Summary to the Article - this will be displayed in the app container in the thumbnail view
  • Custom categories in Express feed don't override Core custom categories
  • Added optional Dropcap functionality - this can be added to a letter by highlighting it and selecting Dropcap from the formats menu in the second row of options in the text editor
  • Clean Skin inline images had incorrect styling, resolved and mark-up corrected in Mustache 



Pugpig Express 1.1.7

  • Adding Sections to flatplan
  • Logo on Dark contents page is now stand alone, so works with or without the hero contents item. And sections have been fixed in the static contents page, they will now lay out properly.
  • Whitespace in the header group has been removed
  • Main image should had the option of not being tap to full screen
  • Back to top button is optional
  • When you add an HTML zip to a contents page, the link is now correct
  • If the article has no title, it just says 'no title' in the flat plan now
  • The hero item on the content page's image is included in the manifest
  • Updating the Contents Page if an article included on it is saved. This means it will be updated when the content is pushed to distribution
  • Added Tickbox to Simple Custom JS plugin admin page to enable or disable Jquery in the header



Pugpig Express 1.1.5

  • HTML Zip can now be added to contents page, with image, headline and standfirst. Hidden by default.
  • HTML zip - can now hide from TOC and add custom tiles Table of Contents image
  • Full page image - you can now be added to contents page, with image, headline and standfirst. Hidden by default.
  • Full page image - can now have section for contents page and TOC
  • When a post that is included on the contents page is saved, the contents page itself will be saved, in order to update the updated date in the atom feed
  • Font files of type TTF, OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 can now be uploaded to the media library
  • Caption HTML does not print if empty, so you don't get the little white box in the bottom right of the main image
  • Add lines to a standfirst and they will be actual line breaks, not HTML
  • Add JavaScript to the templates using the new plugin - Appearance > Custom JS
  • Article Slug now shows in all skins
  • Import an RSS feed with 'rss_main_image_url' set to be the media content url (or other image link) in the feed. A custom field should be created. The image should be fetched and be added to the media directory. The image should be attached to the post and in the main media image metafield. Updating/changing this field to a different image should be possible.
  • Small visual bugs fixed, no major changes.

Plugins added:

  • Simple Custom JS 
  • Image optimisation - Imsanity



Pugpig Express 1.1.0

Important note: this release includes a major change to the Contents Page and app Table of Contents Settings options in an article page which will require some content to be reset - please read the following Upgrade Guide on instructions to follow.

  • Using the headline field for the HTML title 
  • Flushing rewrite rule on activation and deactivation
  • Contents Page and Table of Contents (TOC) setting improvements:
    • Added fields for headline and summary overrides
    • Add settings for 'hide from TOC' for the native app's TOC
  • Optionally print the contents logo and slug markup
  • Not allowing phone numbers to be styled by iPhones
  • Tiles image field name updated
  • Hero article on contents page now links to the article
  • Auto-updated so running Wordpress 4.2.3
  • Updated Pugpig Connector 2.3.8 which includes:
    • Pugpig - Distribution Service Extension Plugin
    • Pugpig - Edition Filters Plugin (for Pugpig for Magazines edition storefront)
    • Pugpig - Full Page Image Extension (New content type)
    • Pugpig - Visual Flatplan Postback
  • Minor bug fixes and ui improvements



Pugpig Express 1.0.0

Our first official release of the Pugpig Express Authoring service & Express wordpress theme. This release includes:

  • A responsive HTML Pugpig Express theme for WordPress
  • A set of 4 provided content types - articles, contents pages, HTML zips with various layout options within them
  • A set of 5 provided skins - Business, Clean, Fun, Dark, Brand
  • Support for custom CSS and fonts
  • Support for HTML to be edited (using Mustache).
  • Support for video content
  • Support for Pugpig Products (Shopping) entry which works with native apps feature
  • Support for Pugpig Sounds entry which works with native apps feature
  • Minor bug fixes and ui improvements

Below we have included some more specific detail on changes if you are interested:

  • Responsive copy length improvements 
  • Reduction on headline size and letter spacing for certain layout/skins
  • Better handling of low res quality images in layouts
  • Removal of the 'Insert from URL' option in 'Add Media'
  • Updating back to top links with #top
  • Removal of the tap to full screen native functionality (figure tags) off the contents page logo and all headshot images
  • Adding copyright class to credits so they show correctly in the native apps
  • Adding help more info text to all entry fields
  • Re-ordering the creation of custom fields so they makes sense when they are created
  • Youtube URL is now https to match content
  • Printing the headshot name and image based on the existence of the name, not the image
  • Ensure Products section doesn't get printed if there are no products
  • Removing unwanted scripts and styles from article headers which made pages heavy
  • Added a statement telling user that they need to publish their draft articles to view the content.
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