How to add Full Page Images

This feature is best used for your cover page, one off pages for images and adverts or features you are unable to create in the existing article template.

Watch the video above or follow the steps below to create this style of page.

To add a Full Page Image go to Full Page Images from the Dashboard view.

Select Add Full Page Image option from the drop down.

Press the blue button'Add Full Page Image' to create a new one.

Give this page a Title, In the Page Options field.

Under image press the grey button 'Select or Upload Images'. This will take you to the Media Library, Select or upload the image you would like to display.

Press the blue 'Select' button bottom right, to confirm your selection.

This will take you back to the Add Full Page Image post you are working on.

If a Hyperlink is required for your image place this in the 'Link' field.

The image will scale proportionally to fit the device it's displaying on, the remaining background can then be the colour you select from the next input field. 'Background Colour'. Enter the colour required eg #000000.

Choose if you would like this page to appear in the Table of Contents by ticking the 'Hide from ToC' Box.

In the next field 'Image Contents Page Settings' under: 'Appearance on contents page' Select how you would like this page to be displayed on the contents page also.

Options include:

Standard -This article will appear in the ordered list of contents articles.

Hero -This article will appear as the lead on the contents page.

Hidden -There will be no reference to this article on the contents page.

Now associate this Article with an edition by ticking the Editions you want it to appear in via the Edition Tags field far right. This can be multiple editions if required.

In the Sections field associate this article with its appropriate section.

To view this article, click‘Publish’to save the post and then‘Preview Changes’. A new tab will be launched showing the article you have created.

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