How to Add Vouchers to your Auth Login

Pugpig comes with it's own vouchers module. To set up simply enable in in the modules admin in the Pugpig Subscriptions section.

The user interface is located in Pugpig->Settings under the tab Pugpig Vouchers Setting.

Disable codes disables all voucher code over a certain time period with out deleting any individual voucher codes.

Voucher codes can be removed by selecting them from the Remove codes dropdown menu.

Voucher codes can be added in the Add or Update a voucher code textbox. They should be of the format CODE, EXPIRY DATE, EDITION ID as described.

There is also a test page where you can test your vouchers functionality.

Any voucher codes that you have entered will appear here. If Disable codes is set to 'all' the code will fail authentication.

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