64-bit support

As of version 2.4, Pugpig supports 64-bit devices. If you're upgrading, ensure that you update your build architectures as appropriate. Apple now requires that any submitted app support 64-bit.

If you previously used our KGControls helper framework, you will need to update this too. Generally, you will see a linker error complaining that KGControls.framework is missing the x86_64 architecture. The updated version is attached to this page.

However, a better approach would be to refactor your code to remove the dependency. KGControls is legacy code; it no longer serves any useful purpose.

KGPageControl is simply UIPageControl that adds tinting support for pre-iOS 6 devices. Since we no longer support iOS 6, this is unnecessary. Just use a UIPageControl directly, setting the tint using pageIndicatorTintColor and currentPageIndicatorTintColor.

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