Quantcast's Measure product is free to use to measure all your digital content, on any platform or property. With easy-to-understand visual presentation you can segment your audience with unlimited flexibility and get insights into cross-platform traffic, demographics, interests and engagement data across your audience. 

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Pugpig supports integration of the Quantcast Measure SDK on iOS, Android and Web.

Setup Quantcast account

First, setup a Quantcast account and add your applications as Mobile Apps within this.

You will need the API Key for each of the mobile apps set up and the account P-Code which is visible from your account dashboard. 

To integrate your Quantcast analytics data with the Pugpig Distribution service you will need to add as a user in your account. This is done under your Publisher Settings > Edit Settings > User Privileges. 

Adding Quantcast to your app

Adding the Quantcast SDK to your Pugpig app is usually a couple of hours effort per platform and application.

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