Adding new users for your site

To add a new user, log into Pugpig Express (Admin user) then go to menu: Users > Add New User. Enter the new user's details (username, email) and select their role access level and save. This will send them an email with a link that they will need to click to enable and complete their login.

WordPress documentation about how to add users and the various user roles here.

Important note: Until the New User confirmation email link step has been completed the new user state will be 'reserved'. This means the user won't display in the User list but you won't be able to re-add, modify or re-use. A time-out of a few days is honored for the reserved state before you would be able to re-try adding them again.

Can't find the email confirmation?

If the user you added has trouble finding their email confirmation the following might help:

  • Check their spam / junk folder
  • Search for an email from The Pugpig Express <>
  • The email subject should be in the following format:
    [site name] Activate <username>
    e.g Subject: [Pugpig Magazine] Activate Bob 


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