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Edition filters allow the user to show a subset of editions in the edition selector.  The edition selector is found inside the app.  Using Edition Filters you can create new ways to sort and filter the editions.


- Show editions from a particular month or year

- Show all editions from a certain title

- Show all editions with a shared characteristic/ of a type.  Eg.  All special editions, yearly reviews, etc.

Step 1 - Create a taxonomy to use as a filter

  1. In the left hand menu, click on WCK > Taxonomy Creator
  2. Type the wanted *name* of taxonomy in "Taxonomy field box.
  3. The name of your taxonomy must follow the pattern: filter_TAXONOMYNAME

Step 2 - Fill in singular and plural of your wanted label name.  

Step 3 - If you are making an Edition Filter, ignore the attach to options.  Your filter will be applied to editions automatically.

Step 4 - Click Add entry

Click add entry to save the new taxonomy.  If its been successfully created you should now see it under the Editions tab in the left hand menu. eg:

If you open an edition to edit you will also see the new taxonomy appear on the right hand side, underneath the Edition Tags box. eg:

Step 5 - Tag articles

You can associate an edition with a term using the right hand box in the edition editor, or create a list of terms in the page for the Taxonomy.  Your new taxonomies admin pages will appear in the left hand menu at the bottom of the editions tab, providing they are associated with editions.

So in the 'filter_dates' taxonomy you might have the terms:

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015

Which you can then apply to editions. 

Now in the app (refresh distribution if you need to) Each term in the taxonomy will show up as a filter in the edition selector, allowing the user to see editions just from one year. 

Remember Filters can be used to slice the editions in many ways - not simply by date. 


  1. Taxonomy created but not showing up in editions edit pages or menu?
    Double check you have used the filter_taxonomyname format.
  2. Filter_taxonomy name is correct but still not showing up?
    The Edition Filter is actually a plugin/extension.  If you are not using standard Express double check that the pugpigeditionfilters extension/plugin is installed and active on your site.
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