Preventing web access to your content

If you wish to prevent your content from being inaccessible by users' browsers and prevent search engines indexing it you can implement rules along the following lines (either on your web server or firewall):

  • Allow internal IP ranges access to anything (so that the editorial web previewer tool still works)
  • Allow user agents containing "pugpignetwork" access to anything
  • Allow anyone access to the URLs required for the app besides the content feeds, e.g.:
    • /itunes_edition_credentials/
    • /amazon_edition_credentials/
    • /google_edition_credentials/
    • /yoursubs_sign_in/
    • /yoursubs_verify_subscription/
    • /yoursubs_edition_credentials/

 Note: The above assumes you are not using a web reader; this would prevent access to it

We would also recommend using robots.txt to prevent spiders.

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