How To Add Tiled Table of Contents (TOC)

With Pugpig products you can write your own custom table of contents (TOC) control but we also offer a new tile based table of contents option which you can replace the default TOC with.

Note: tiled table of contents is currently available in Pugpig for Magazines and Continuous Publishing v1.3.2+. You must upgrade to this version if you use an older one. It is not available on Android or Web platforms yet.

To add follow these simple steps:

  • Add a 'TableOfContentsProvider Class' key to  the base level of the app's Config.plist 
  • Set the name to 'PPTiledTableOfContentsProvider'

To theme the table of contents you need to refer to '@"TableOfContents.' theme keys, full list can be found here.

If you plan to use this Tiled table of contents you should ensure your ATOM content feed uses section categories and TOC icons as outlined in the ATOM spec here. Ideally sections should have more than 5 articles associated to make the most out of the tiled user interface.



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