Upgrading iOS 1.3.1 to 1.3.2

Before starting please follow 'Upgrading your project' guide to ensure you have the latest v1.3.2 iOS installed on your machine, as well as a recent back up your code, then follow the process to update an existing Xcode projects Pugpig framework files. We no longer support Xcode 5.0 so please ensure you are using Xcode to 6.0+.

Next open the existing Xcode project and carry out the following steps:



By default, the edition filter key should be deleted for all existing apps, unless specific functionality is required.

If the key is not there at all, or empty the default edition filters will be used: All, Download, and any OPDS custom defined filter groups.

If you specify any filters, only those are shown. Please note that the format for specifying filters has changed significantly, see the example below.

You must now include any of the default filters if you specify a non-blank Filters dictionary and want them. This lets you (for example) remove the "Download" filter. If you add an OPDS custom filter, you can either make it match a given term by specifying a "Key" and a "Label" as strings in the dictionary.

If you don't specify any extra data for the custom OPDS filter, it uses the default logic (pulling the labels from the feed). E.g example filter dict which shows label filters for "All", "Downloaded" and a single custom group filter label "2014 Issues" that matches the key "2014"

<dict> <key>Key</key> <string>2014</string> <key>Label</key> <string>2014 Issues</string> </dict> </dict> </array>
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