Upgrading version 2.1.0 to 2.2.0

Pugpig 2.2 (release date: 09/04/2014)

As of 2.2, Pugpig JAR files and the ant build process are deprecated. In keeping with the Android SDK, from release 2.3 we will use Android AAR libraries and gradle for builds.

See 2.1-2.2

Template (2.2 rev ddcfe08)


Pugpig Core (2.2 rev ddcfe08)

  • added ability to control the TOC shadow
  • fix a bug that could crash the app with a malformed URL
  • fix a bug that allowed certain types of bad connections to crash the app
  • performance optimizations for KitKat
  • pause snapshotter when the user is interacting with the page control
  • Pugpig authoriser now detects when your network is unavailable and displays a more appropriate error message
  • when clearing a document, ensure that any cached data sources are released
  • improved download progress estimation
  • include a default “section” category schema for ATOM feeds (
  • fix unchecked call to an Android API that only became available in later versions of Android
  • detect circular download references (where two files request each other) and ensure download completes
  • ability to set the background colour on individual TOC cells
  • http header parsing is now case-insensitive, as per spec
  • ensure a download fails if downloaded zips are corrupted or truncated
  • document data sources now include additional metadata (including page type and unique id for a page)
  • fix bugs in search that would cause it to fail with certain malformed HTML tags

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