System Requirements

  • WordPress 3 and above
  • PHP 5.5 and above (For security reasons we no do not support PHP versions that have reached their end of life date)
  • URLs cannot end in a slash (configure in permalinks settings)

Available Modules

The Pugpig WordPress Connector supports the following:

  • Ability to include both posts and pages in editions
  • Categories using native WordPress categories
  • Integration with iTunes Connect for In App content purchases
  • Integration with Urban Airship for push notifications
  • Newsstand push
  • Ability to use a Content Delivery Network


  • Install WordPress
  • Configure the Permalinks to ensure neither posts nor pages have query strings in the URL
  • Increase the file upload size if you are using large ad bundles
  • If you are using a Multisite you need to add the .zip file extension to the list at Network Admin → Upload Settings
  • Install the Pugpig module

What It Does To WordPress (IN PROGRESS)

  • Creates new type for Editions, which contain a list of items in them
  • Creates new type for Ad Bundles, which allow custom pages to be uploaded
  • Generates HTML5 manifests for each page or post
  • Rewrites URLs WordPress Plugin URL Rewrites
  • Switches theme if extra theme is specified
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