This page contains the release notes for versions of Pugpig for Magazine, and links to the upgrade guides. Before any update to the Pugpig framework please ensure you have backed up your code and project. See the quick links below for all releases:.

- v1.13.1 (Release date: 22/03/2017)
- v1.13.0 (Release date: 16/03/2017)
- v1.12.0 (Release date: 27/01/2017)
- v1.11.0 (Release date: 01/12/2017)
- v1.10.0 (Release date: 01/11/2016)
- v1.9.0 (Release date: 19/10/2016)
- v1.8.4 (Release date: 29/08/2016)
- v1.8.0 (Release date: 29/08/2016)
- v1.7.2 (Release date: 21/06/2016)
- v1.7.1 (Release date: 26/05/2016)
- v1.7.0 (Release date: 05/05/2016)
- v1.6.0 (Release date: 12/04/2016)
- v1.5.1 (Release date: 08/02/2016)
- v1.4.2 (Release date: 05/10/2015)
- v1.4.1 (Release date: 03/08/2015)
- v1.4.0 (Release date: 10/06/2015)
- v1.3.4 (Release date: 20/04/2015)
- v1.3.2 (Release date: 12/02/2015)
- v1.3.1 (Release date: 20/01/2015)
- v1.2.2 (Release date: 30/10/2014)
- v1.1.0 (Release date: 19/06/2014)
- v1.0.0 Beta (Release date: 03/03/2014)

Pugpig App Container 1.13.1

This official release includes:

          • Improvements to appearance of doc picker on mobile devices
          • Fix: Tiled ToC doesn't reset article text colour when background set in feed

Pugpig App Container 1.13.0

This official release includes:

                • Android background push analytics track more cases
                • Add settings icon on splash when no storefront and no documents found
                • Intermediate cache (for e.g. theme files)
                • Garbage collector improvements
                • Show promo slots in all filters but "downloaded"
                • Resolving discrepancy between iOS and Android scrapbook menu strings references
                • Core update for zip restart fixes and improved error messaging
                • Feed picker layout improvements
                • Improvements to flows when using device back button
                • Check OPDS whenever app comes to foreground (provided it's not already being checked)
                • When avoiding too many text resize / night mode changes, discard the earlier requests and keep the final ones
                • Additional Analytics Events: NotificationsEnabled, AutoDownload (Mobile+Wifi), Reset, ArchiveDuration, NightMode
                • Theme slider text resizing icons
                • Fixed top margin for settings icon on start view
                • Re-hide previously viewed private documents if logged out
                • Fix: If Push Provider implements PPUserData but there's no Capture User Details entry, Capture form is incorrectly started
                • Refactored how PP initialises
                • Fix: If Wifi downloads are allowed it always ignores Mobile download toggle
                • Fix: Auto-open TOC (from feed only) wasn't auto-opening on edition first launch
                • By default PP allows SSL interception for all debug builds
                • BrowserViewController now allows an app to add space for system bar
                • Fix: When a deep link does not have an editionId, open the URL in an internal webView (ignore external url setting) - this avoids the app getting reopened again to handle the link
                • Inject class for device size (pp-is-phone, pp-is-tablet)
                • Improvements to how edition labels fit

Pugpig App Container 1.12.0

This official release includes:

                  • Deep linking now opens correctly for updated documents
                  • Added request/response logging for Third Party, Amazon and Google auth providers
                  • Added analytics event for user-initiated download cancel
                  • Improved diagnostic logging on subscriptions and store purchases
                  • Improvement to third party auth, now does a better job of keeping you logged in when there are changes to endpoints
                  • Fix to attach debug logs in case they're too large for body text in email
                  • Minor bug fixes and exception handling improvements

Pugpig App Container 1.11.0

This official release includes:

                  • Improved timeline view on mobile and tablet
                  • Improved logging - including trackOPDSFeedErrors
                  • Improved storefront cover layout and increased edition label sizes on large screens (3-columns)
                  • Improved handling of broken images inside image gallery
                  • Fix for deep links to updated edition, edition updates before loading link and improved handling of deep links to app views like /Settings
                  • Fix for image caption display - newlines are kept, except leading and trailing ones which are trimmed with any excess whitespace
                  • Fix for <figure> tags without any contained <img> incorrectly mapped to open the image gallery
                  • Fix for analytics case where subscribers may be set to "None" but should be "ExistingSubscriber"
                  • Android permissions for device location now optional so we don't exclude devices without GPS (applicable to third party sdk's)
                  • Compiled against Android SDK 25 (Nougat 7.1)
                  • Updates to Pugpig SDK

Pugpig App Container 1.10.0

Our 1.10.0 release includes new support for pinch to zoom for PDF imported documents. PDF's can be converted into an edition made up of images (a single image per page) and in this type of document we support our usual document toolbars and fluid pinch to zoom and paning around the page when zoomed in. Please note on Android you can't navigate onto the next page whilst zoomed in, we experimented with this behaviour to match iOS as closely as possible but it didn't feel as smooth on Android. This release also included a bug fix for a PDF document issue present only in 1.9.0 that meant PDF documents couldn't be opened. We went on to further release revisions 1.10.1 and 1.10.2 with very minor bug fixes. 

Pugpig App Container 1.9.0

This official release includes:

                      • *New Feature* Automatic archiving of editions based on duration since last read now in Settings
                      • *New Feature* Automatic third party login capability which can work with IP range
                      • *New Feature* Support for server-driven slot-based advertising - details on spec to come
                      • *New Feature* Support for upsell/marketing pages which are only shown to non-subcribers - details on spec to come
                      • *New Feature* Ability to change Account menu labels based on subscriber logged in state
                      • Added support to maintain relative vertical page position when exiting edition or backgrounding app
                      • Added second automatic download switch, we now show WiFi and Mobile options in Settings when applicable and a message if user has Background Refresh off at device Settings level
                      • Added ability to switch off long hold edition cover functionality
                      • Added deep link handling for '/' path e.g web reader root URL
                      • Added ability to disable animated transition when navigating to pages
                      • Fix promo not appearing when no documents visible
                      • Improvements to Timeline view; shows / hides summary, cap at 3 cell items per row, now returns to vertical position of item you were viewing, 'Show hero' theme key, 
                      • Improvements to Feed Picker layout and text to avoid the need to scroll through a list
                      • Improvements to Doc Picker layout and extending the scollable area to include the whitespace and restore relative scroll position when returning to document picker from document
                      • Improvements to Promos prevent crash when json is malformed, reset existing promos when a new OPDS feed is selected
                      • Updates for various analytics tracking including:
                        • Added GA deep link opened event 'DeepLinkOpened'
                        • Added GA download timing event 'DownloadAssetsFetchedTiming'
                        • Added GA events for Onboarding screens /Onboarding/ 'PushPreflightAccept' and 'PushPreflightRemind'
                        • Ensure Welcome/Help slides are only tracked if user settles on them
                        • Ensure 'trackDownloadAction' tracked in appropriate places
                        • Fixed first page view double counts when 'Enabled Zoomed Pages' key is false
                        • Stronger validation of download events and added some internal only ones for monitoring

Pugpig App Container 1.8.4

Post our 1.8.0 release we made some minor patch releases for fixes. Version 1.8.4 is the official result and includes two fixes for Android Nougat (7.0) which we recommend all customers upgrading too. Email announcements were sent to customers about this and posted on our blog Pugpig Post.

Pugpig App Container 1.8.0

This upcoming release is undergoing QA testing and should be available at the end of this week. It will include the following:

                              • Improved edition archiving - you can now long hold on edition cover and archive individual editions easily - this has been added as a long-press menu control for all document actions.
                              • Added support for authorisation login screens to be able to show different text when user is logged in
                              • Added support for more configurable text resize options above the default x1, x2, x3 control
                              • Added vertical flick up gesture to dismiss/exit native image gallery view
                              • Added support for authentication providers to optionally send a device ID with auth requests
                              • Updated our default settings for native image gallery caption display (2 lines on phone / 5 on tablet)
                              • Extended User Capture sign up screen config so we can limit number of times it displays
                              • Fixed issue with Search in TOC toolbar, TOC will now be dismissed when tapping a result
                              • Added size override theme controls
                              • Added login button to edition previews in synopsis if there's no way to subscribe
                              • Added support for paid preview primary documents
                              • Added new config rule to user capture to limit number of times it will be displayed
                              • Added new per page "private" attribute that hides the page unless you're authenticated, but keeps it in the ToC. This can be used to hide paywalled pages in preview editions.
                              • Added ability to hide "allow mobile download" switch in settings
                              • Added ability to set the storefront toolbar title as text
                              • Added sharing option category to include image (linkrelationname) so you can share related image rather than the page snapshot
                              • Added scrapbook button toggle alternative from our default (doesn't support the default sub menu and navigate to scrapbook option)
                              • Added ability to cancel download, new Cancel button in Synopsis view
                              • Change to Tiled TOC so a user re-ordered state inserts new Section group items at the top, not the bottom
                              • Change so font settings key is reset on first run to avoid app upgrade bugs and issues
                              • Change default twitter sharing string to include URL
                              • Improved debug logging, long-hold on Version string in Settings displays more details dialog and option to email device logs. Default will send to
                              • Updates to the Pugpig Paywall; don't show "log in" if you're logged in, ability to hide specific paywall buttons, support a custom paywall button that can open a URL
                              • Updates and UX Improvements to Pugpig Auth and the Accounts area in app; "alwaysstaletoken" should not log you in, a user with an expired subscription is still a logged in user, hide Account subscribe button when only deprecated subs available, close accounts page if the login is successful and you have access to items.
                              • Update to third party Urban Airship module, now using UA SDK (7.2.0)
                              • Update to Pugpig SDK
                              • Updates to analytics module, including fix for Background Download Start and Download Start/End events
                              • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Pugpig App Container 1.7.2

This official release includes:

                              • Added mechanism for pugpig:// URLs to perform in-app navigation
                              • Added support to disable/hide document toolbar on per page basis
                              • Added option for automatic feed selection to be on the first run only
                              • Exposed ability to detect if 3rd-party providers are logged in
                              • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Pugpig App Container 1.7.1

This official release includes everything in 1.7.0, as well as:

                              • Official support for deep linking into a page
                              • Official support for Primary Edition flag (aka an edition that is more important than the storefront, dictates what you view when you open app)
                              • Added support for custom native Accounts pages (like Settings) using optional Authorisation Provider key
                              • Added support for "private" document filter which hides the edition if you don't have access to download it
                              • Added analytics events for background push received but no download started
                              • Updated user-agent to include form factor (base one already includes platform)
                              • User capture details text more theme-able
                              • Update to Pugpig SDK
                              • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Pugpig App Container 1.7.0

Pre release for some key features being used in a beta rollout with select customers. An upcoming 1.7.1 version to follow with improvements.

This release includes:

                              • *Beta* Deep linking into a page 
                              • *Beta* 'Download Always' change, reduce steps to download content. If user is authorised and has network it will start the progressive download and show the first page as soon as its ready
                              • *Beta* Support for Google App Indexing (requires Pugpig Distribution Service to support this)
                              • Updated Google DFP native SDK to latest version
                              • Added support to hide document Toolbar on per page basis

Pugpig App Container 1.6.0

We now refer to the app product as one single entity called Pugpig App Container which includes support for edition-based (magazines), continuous and dual publications. The previous Pugpig for Magazines documentation has been adjusted accordingly and the previous Pugpig for Continuous documentation has been marked as outdated. These release notes are no longer aimed at developers who do the app builds themselves as we have moved to a more automated workflow where Pugpig can handle the app builds for you under Starter or Support Pack costs. These release notes are customer facing, if you want a technical change log this is available on request. 

In this release we have now dropped support for Android 4.0.0. 

This release includes:

                              • Visual improvements to Page Loading HTML Mask
                              • Ability to change the Page Loading HTML mask to your hearts content
                              • Visual fix for Table of Contents (ToC) Pull to refresh transition
                              • Changed our default setting for Storefront Style to .. this is more suited to storefronts when there aren't many edition covers which is common when an app is new, first launched. You can easily change this to Grid at any point.
                              • Visual improvements for initial auto-open of Table of Contents view 
                              • standard ToC defaults to "no icons" if an explicit icon type is not included
                              • Force logout from all pugpig auth providers on app reset
                              • Additional toc mode style: standard toc that only shows sections
                              • Improvements to Stacked Timeline view and grouping by specific category
                              • Improvements to document open performance
                              • Improvements to filter sidebar display - don't persist filters that don't appear in any documents
                              • Improvements to DFP reliability
                              • Improved support for UTF-8 URLs
                              • Removed page reflections in synopsis / thumbnail view
                              • Removed support for deprecated "mode" feature flag
                              • Migrate tool for newsstand editions on first run of new Newsstand-less app
                              • Added support for third party products - Ensighten and Geowave
                              • Added support for server-side store purchase auth
                              • Google Analytics removed from our Pugpig product framework bundle
                              • Sidebar visual improvements to text alignment, width, multiline support
                              • Added a shortcut to remove page from scrapbook with page flick up gesture
                              • Ability to remove analytics opt-out
                              • Added support for GA e-commerce tracking
                              • Added new boolean config feature flag "Open External Links In Browser".
                              • Added automatic archiving feature for editions - Keep the last X editions you have opened, X is configurable and our default is X = 0 *
                              • App store config moved into "Authorisation" key in config.plist (Important! this is a breaking config change please refer to upgrade notes) *
                              • Google Indexing support / Deep Link support 
                              • Ability to disable automatic (push-based) downloads if you're on mobile data
                              • Update to Pugpig SDK with download improvements
                              • Minor fixes for authentication, analytics tracking and shopping feature

Here is a full set of Localisable Strings and Theme Keys available for 1.6.0.

Pugpig for Magazines 1.5.1

This release includes a large number of changes and we've provided more information on these here. Please read before you begin your upgrade.

This release includes:

                              • Merged code & UI for Pugpig for Magazines and Continuous Publishing*
                              • New config options 
                              • Support to auto-download & jump into latest edition *
                              • User data capture form to collect user details (requires third party support to store data)
                              • AppBoy module support
                              • Updates to Google Analytics
                              • Toolbar custom icon and link support
                              • *Beta* Stacked Table of Contents option
                              • Pinned Latest News edition(s) in sidebar
                              • Table of Contents can now be set to a full-screen mode for all devices and orientations
                              • Tiled & Stacked table of contents have been set to full width/screen as default
                              • No longer filtered by section - swipe off last page in one section onto first page of the next section
                              • One search result per page
                              • Deprecated sub support & server side app store subs
                              • Global auth
                              • Improved the page loading screen (new page mask)*
                              • Default icon set change (using our Curved set)*
                              • Various bug fixes and improvements

Pugpig for Magazines 1.4.2

This release includes:

                              • Added support for app names with special characters in
                              • Added support for Enable Sandbox Reset key, defaults to YES if not specified. Should be disabled if using Parse.
                              • Promo slots module customisable to support third party ad providers
                              • Updates to Parse module
                              • Updates to Quantcast module

Pugpig for Magazines 1.3.1

This release now supports the new Amazon v2 In-App Purchase API, Amazon have now deprecated support for v1. With this Pugpig app version you need to ensure you use the latest receipt validators available (Standalone PHP 2.3.0, Drupal 7.X-2.1.0 or Wordpress 2.1.0) if you wish to offer Amazon in-app purchases.

This release includes:

                              • Support for Amazon In-App Purchase (IAP) v2*
                              • Integrated preview edition feature with page paywall
                              • Ability to support custom Table of Contents in the app
                              • Ability to set multiple feeds based on device locale
                              • New push modules available for Parse & Urban Airship
                              • Segmented push with Parse or UA
                              • Support for tel: links
                              • Support Google Analytics opt out switch
                              • Ability to theme full-screen image viewer
                              • Integrated scrapbook feature
                              • Integrated Pugpig Sounds module
                              • Improvements to Search

*Requires connector change - please use Standalone PHP 2.3.0, Drupal 7.X-2.1.0 or Wordpress 2.1.0.

Pugpig for Magazines 1.2.2

This release includes:

                              • Nightmode
                              • Ability to hide/show table of contents icon in toolbar on page by page basis
                              • New welcome / help image slideshow on app startup
                              • Generic analytics provider; enabling integration with provider of your choice
                              • UI updates
                              • Update to latest Pugpig SDK
                              • Various bug fixes and stabilisation

Pugpig for Magazines 1.1.0

Our official release of Magazines on Android. This version supports Android 4.0.0+. Please note Android does not have feature parity with the iOS product yet. Scrapbooking and some other iOS features are not supported in this release but are on the roadmap.

This release includes:

                              • Mobile device size support
                              • Grid edition selector & filters
                              • Table of contents and page thumbnails
                              • Offline content view
                              • Login integration for third party subscriptions
                              • Built-in settings & login
                              • Themable design
                              • Configurable interface & localisable strings
                              • Three toolbar behaviour options
                              • Text resizing
                              • Sharing with Android intent
                              • Google analytics
                              • Archiving
                              • Full page ads in content
                              • Image galleries and videos
                              • Update to latest Pugpig SDK
                              • Various bug fixes and stabilisation

Pugpig for Magazines 1.0.0

Our beta release of Magazines on Android. This version supports Android 4.0.0+. Earlier releases of this product were available in beta. Please note Android does not have feature parity with the iOS product yet. Scrapbooking and some other iOS features are not supported in this release but are on the roadmap.

This release includes:

                  • Tablet only device size support
                  • Grid edition selector & filters
                  • Table of contents and page thumbnails
                  • Offline content view
                  • Basic settings & login
                  • Themable design
                  • Sharing with Android intent
                  • Google analytics
                  • Archiving
                  • Full page ads in content
                  • Image galleries and videos
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