Upgrading Android v1.0.11 to 1.2.2

Please follow this upgrade guide from Android version 1.0.11 to 1.2.2 of Pugpig for Continuous Publishing for any of your existing app projects. As always please ensure you have backed up your code and project before upgrading.

Before starting make sure you have downloaded the latest v1.2.2 pugpigproducts.aar from our website.

Step One:

Replace the new .aar file with the previous one in your project's app/libs directory.  

Step Two:

Since 1.0.11 there has been a number of changes related to the config.plist file. Download the latest Sample Config file and open. Port across your existing apps config.plist settings into this new version and replace in your project's app/src/main/assets/ directory.

You shouldn't need to make any further changes however below is more detail on what changed in the Config.plist file since version 1.0.11.

  1. OPDS settings have moved in Config.plist

    In order to accommodate auto-selection of a particular feed in a multi-feed scenario based on a predicate, such as user's locale, we have modified the OPDS config format. It is now an array of dictionaries where each dictionary must contain a URL. If you specify more than one OPDS feed, you must either provide a Name or an Autoselect Conditions in each entry's dictionary.

    <key>OPDS Feeds</key>
  2. Analytics keys have moved in Config.plist

    In order to accomodate third-party analytics providers, the config syntax has been adapted to expect a top-level dictionary of dictionaries where the keys are the analytics providers and the key-values of the child dictionary are passed unchanged to the analytics provider to configure it.

        <key>Google Analytics Tracking ID</key>
  3. Pugpig Auth keys have moved in Config.plist.

    In order to support multiple authorisation providers we have moved these into a dictionary item.

  4. New features supported
    - "Enable Nightmode" (defaults to false)
    - "Enable reset" (defaults to false)

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