Push Options on Pugpig

Our Pugpig iOS apps have always supported basic push via the third party provider Urban Airship's Developer Web API. Until recently UA offered a free basic push account, but as of 24th December 2014 push services are charged (more info available here).

In Q3 2014 we deprecated the UA API and made changes across our products on iOS and Android platforms to extend our push support and make it more generic so it is easier to integrate with other providers and make the most of the services and features they offer. We are now a partner of Urban Airship so we can make the most of their features and provide joined up product offering with push to our customers. If you are interested in knowing more about what you can do with Urban Airship and Pugpig, get in touch at

To increase flexibility, we no longer ship with a specific push integration but we can provide (and support) integration with:

  • Urban Airship SDK -
  • Parse SDK -

You can find out more about how you add these available push modules to your apps here: Integrating Urban Airship SDK and Integrating Parse SDK

If you wish to use another push provider you can integrate their third-party SDK with Pugpig however it will require custom work. Talk to us if you use a push provider not on this list as we're always keen to extend our modules and support.


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