Push: What are your options?

For customers who use Urban Airship's Push Notifications (API) in their Pugpig apps, there are some important changes to be aware of.

Urban Airship is no longer free

In August 2014 Urban Airship (UA) announced they were sunsetting their developer edition (more info here) and all customers had until 24th December to move into paid accounts with UA or find an alternative provider.

What are my options?

1. Move into a paid account with Urban Airship

For more information on Urban Airships new pricing please contact them directly. They offer basic push or enterprise accounts. 

If you move into a paid account with UA before 24th December 2014, push messages and background push will continue to work in your live Pugpig iOS app with no app changes or updates.

When you next update your app to the latest Pugpig version the iOS code around push will change to integrate with UA's SDK, but essentially you don't need to worry - it's an upgrade task and should take about an hour (developer notes to follow). 

2. Choose another push provider

If the pricing options with UA aren't suitable or you wish to use another provider, you can, and it's now a lot easier! We now support generic push providers in our Android and iOS products. As well as providing a module for integration with UA we will also support Parse ( who currently offer a free plan.

If you wanted to start using Parse or another provider, to ensure your push service continues you will need to update your iOS app in the app store as soon as possible ideally before the Christmas period (iTunes Connect will shut down December 21–27).

 The steps involved are:

  • Upgrading your app to the latest Pugpig version (SDK v2.4+ or Products v1.2+)
  • Adding our Parse or UA module (or writing your own)

Adding one of our modules for Parse or UA is simple and should take about 1 hour of development time per platform. They are also available for Android now.

If you wanted a different provider then let us know who you intend to use push with as we're keen to extend our support. Integrating with a new SDK for another provider can be approx 0.5-1day of development time. At times it could require more development time if custom work and features are required.

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