Urban Airship announce free service will end

On the 26 June 2014 Urban Airship announced they would no longer offer a free push notification service. If you are an Urban Airship Developer Edition account owner you should have received an email announcement about this important change. Please read below to understand how this will affect your Pugpig apps.

The Pugpig SDK and Flavour products interface with Urban Airships Developer Web API. At the moment this allows Pugpig to support Urban Airship push notifications and the developer edition meant this service was free up to one million pushes a month which satisfied most customers needs. 

Urban Airship have announced they will sunset this service on 31st December 2014. From this date you will no longer be able to send push notifications to your Pugpig apps without an app update and an enterprise Urban Airship account. 

Urban Airship email: 

Please refer to their FAQ's on this here for more information on this.

At Pugpig we are exploring a number of avenues. We will continue to support push and have plans to extend this to offer segmentation features. We advise existing Urban Airship members to contact their team to discuss plan and pricing options however if you want to discuss alternative options with us please get in touch.

(Updated: 14th November 2014)
Please read our latest announcement on your Push Options with Pugpig

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