If you are using Pugpig, you will need to connect to a server to retrieve content. A simple option is to copy or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) static files onto the server. However, Pugpig becomes more powerful when it talks to an existing Content Management System (CMS) to allow you to use existing content in your Pugpig editions. In order to do this, a connector needs to be installed or written that allows the CMS to communicate to the apps using the Pugpig API.

Existing Connectors

Connectors are available for the following Content Management Systems:

Kaldor have built connectors for Drupal, Wordpress and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) systems and you can download from our website

Other connectors are available with third party suppliers. Contact us to request a copy or if you wish to write your own using the Pugpig API.

Authentication Systems

Ideally, protected Pugpig content is authenticated at the Edge. The Edge connectors perform these functions:

  • Ensuring the user has the correct entitlement to access content
  • Creating special cases to tell the back end system if a user should be treated as a special internal user

We have guides for the following:

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