Pugpig App Container feature set

Below is detailed feature list of what is available across the Pugpig App Framework. Whilst our Pugpig SDK can support this, a number of features listed below are specific to our Pugpig App Container product.


Consume content from anything that supports the Pugpig Content API
Fully themeable - colours, fonts and images
All copy in the app fully customisable
Can be localised for multi-lingual apps
Supports iOS8+, Android 4.1+ (Jellybean), and modern Web browsers, on all devices
Optimised for both phones, tablets and everything in between
Supports edition, continuous and dual/mixed publishing content models
Native smart banners available on Web and shared content in Safari, Chrome and webviews
All content downloaded for offline viewing
Intelligent download of edition packages or incremental changes
Third party integration for analytics, app ratings, push notifications
Supports background download of content
Supports Apple Watch in Continuous apps 
Supports deep linking to content on iOS, Android and Web (includes iOS Universal Links and URL Schema)
Supports Apple and Google app indexing of content (includes surfacing results in iOS spotlight search)


Cleans up if upgrading from another legacy platform
Ability to retain third party login from another legacy platform
Show help screens on first run
Allow user to explicitly choose content feed using feed switcher
Automatically select content feed based on the device locale


Display covers, summaries and other meta data
Display as a grid of covers or all large covers and scroll horizontally or vertically
Create your own custom, native storefront
Archive editions
Sell single issues or subscriptions through the App Store In-App Purchases
Server driven promotional slots for various calls to action
Embed live content to encourage users to return
Edition preview - mark pages in a edition as free for preview, and paid pages with a paywall
Mark specific pages 
Ability to jump between all the free pages in a preview edition
Ability to auto-download and jump straight into latest edition
Filter between all issues, or only those you've downloaded
Create edition filter groups and hierarchical drill down of editions
Create pinned editions - direct links from storefront into news feeds


Text resize and day/night modes
Analytics opt out
Add your own extra sections in Settings/Account views
Access the first run help screens
Rate This App (optional popup at appropriate time)
Enable User Feedback
Automatic archiving of editions based on duration user last read
Automatic download controls


Integrates with one or more third party systems using the Pugpig Auth API
Allow existing print subscribers access (e.g. Dovetail, CDS, QSS, Palmcoast, your own)
Provide vouchers to allow access
Personalise the content based on the logged in user
Include attributes of the logged in user in your analytics
Set custom request headers to allow edge authentication from your favourite CDN (Fastly, Akamai, etc)
Location specific automatic login and access (IP based)

Pugpig Analytics

Built in fully featured Google Analytics integration
Base module support for Omniture, Qauntcast, AppFlyers, Tune (formerly HasOffers) & Facebook
Ability to drop in your own analytics providers (e.g. Flurry, MixPanel etc)

Push Notifications

Integrations with Urban Airship, Parse, AppBoy, Exact Target & Pinpoint *Firebase coming soon*
Ability to drop in your own Push Notification providers
Customisable onboarding push permission screens

Different Navigation Options

End to end linear navigation
Built in two level section / article navigation
Create your own custom journeys through your content
Toolbar display with three different behaviours

Table of Contents

Different types and display options available (display as a default section/article list, tile-based view or timeline view)
Create and drop in your own custom table of contents
Set your Table of Contents type on per edition basis
Set your Table of Contents to auto-open when you enter edition
Show sections and articles
Show an optional icon image in the Table of Contents
Ability to show/hide or style any items
Pull-to-refresh in continuous apps
Server-driven promo slot available in tile-based view
Latest Stories Ticker bar

Reading features

Super-smooth scrolling between pages
Configuration behaviour of the top navigation bar
Zoomed out view of the edition, or a smaller thumbnail viewer
Add any pages to a persistent scrapbook
Share content to social networks that are available on the device (Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
Start reading the content before edition download has finished
Offline search of content in iOS/Android, Cross edition online search in Web
App handoff to a specific page between iOS devices
Option to print page on Web

Pugpig Sounds

Associate podcasts with your content, either embedding for offline or streamed
Audio can be played in the background

HTML Content

Pugpig Express
Basic Pugpig Connectors for Wordpress and Drupal CMS
Include any HTML/JavaScript and CSS interactions
Use your own web fonts
Stream or embed video from a number of providers
Use CSS Shapes, Regions or Columns for advanced layouts
Create long scrolling pages, or horizontally/vertically paned content
Supports most sensible HTML advert formats
Supports Google DFP (DoubleClick) adverts
Supports advert full page auto-placement behaviour
Display PDF documents with pinch-to-zoom functionality
Include interactive puzzles (supported integration with Puzzler)

Pugpig Bridge

Harness the power of the native OS from your HTML
Show full screen native images, galleries or videos (+ image captions)
Open external links in an embedded browser without leaving the app
Access the camera, or create calendar events
Track interactions with your content, even while offline
Upsell other editions from your content with a direct Buy link
Create direct links into Pugpig Products
Target specific device/OS features based on the container injection
User data collection / sign up form

Pugpig Shopping

Create a basket or wishlist of items
Allows realtime updates for stock or prices
Share your wishlist
Support product variants
Support multiple images for each product, with a thumbnail viewer

Pugpig Labs

Improvements to dual mixed mode support *Coming Soon*
Improvements to timeline view *Coming Soon*
Cross edition search *Available in web, coming soon in iOS/Android*
Disqus Commenting *On roadmap*

Our Pugpig Roadmap is available to view on Trello - contact us for an invite.

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