Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for SDK versions of Pugpig for Android, and links to the upgrade guides. Before any update to the Pugpig framework please ensure you have backed up your code and project. See the quick links below for all releases:

- Pugpig 2.7.2 (Release date: 14/06/2016)
- Pugpig 2.7.0 (Release date: 09/03/2016)
- Pugpig 2.6.0 (Release date: 10/09/2015)
- Pugpig 2.5.0 (Release date: 05/03/2015)
- Pugpig 2.4.0 (Release date: 11/11/2014)
- Pugpig 2.3.0 (Release date: 06/08/2014) 
- Pugpig 2.2.0 (Release date: 09/04/2014)
- Pugpig 2.1.0 (Release date: 17/01/2014)
- Pugpig 2.0.0 (Release date: 09/10/2013)
- Pugpig 1.8.0 (Release date: 07/05/2013)
- Pugpig 1.7.0 (Release date: 05/03/2013)

Pugpig 2.7.2

  • Minor fixes for Android Nougat

Pugpig 2.7.0

Pugpig 2.6.0 (07a9a5d)

  • Updated to latest Android SDKs
  • Ensured downloads don't repeat in a single session
  • Ensured OPDS feed correctly follows redirects
  • Fixed problem where ATOM zip downloads wouldn't update properly sometimes
  • Added ability to change scheduled download order when using the internal downloader
  • Improved Sharing
  • Enabled vertical scrollbars in web view for scrollable content
  • Fixed problem where gestures could block webview loading 
  • Improved memory usage of Issue Selector
  • Added ability to set download timeout

Interim 2.5.2 (14d69be)

  • Improved webview performance for Kitkat+ device
  • Ensure download queue is processed first in-first-out.
  • Improved downloader's memory usage

Interim 2.5.1 (03d3479)

  • Optimised memory usage with bitmaps
  • More robust checks for a download issue
  • Fix leak caused by incorrectly releasing observers

Pugpig 2.5.0 (58c4eea)

  • Updated Android SDKs
  • Updated Amazon IAP auth to v2 and v1 now deprecated - more info here
  • Google Play auth improvements
  • Improved error messaging when there are problems authorising or downloading documents
  • Ability to change a document issue date and re-order
  • Ability to clear an edition on all devices (from the server)
  • Search improvements and fixes
  • Support for ZIP enclosures in ATOM feed
  • Support for preflighting HTTP auth parameters in authentication requests
  • Added built-in browser support for links and improved support for launching whitelisted content in external viewers

Pugpig 2.4.0 (2cd6d96)

  • Android - 5.0.0 Lollipop support and fixes
  • Performance improvements for KitKat
  • Store auth fixes for Amazon and Google Play
  • Update for GoogleAuthorisation to get the value and the currency of the price
  • Search UI improvements; more theme-able & ability to show page titles in results
  • Adapt search to work with filtered datasources
  • Global auth credentials
  • Optimisations to reduce number of javascript calls on web view load
  • Use non-blocking javascript calls where possible
  • HTTP header-based authentication, subscription status verification allows a grace period before resetting credentials
  • Incorrect snapshot fix for KitKat and Android Lollipop

Pugpig 2.3.0 (5c542a8)

  • switch to using Gradle for builds
  • added ability to add pages to a scrapbook
  • improve detection of manifest files within content
  • ability to determine Pugpig library versions at runtime
  • improved markup search matching algorithm
  • allow webviews to use file URLs and cross
  • domain AJAX calls
  • fix potential crash when paning content vertically
  • fix problem with delegated progress view in document picker not always updating correctly
  • ensure Google Play SKUs are always lower
  • case (as required by the Play Store)
  • fix crash caused by download errors being show before app has finished starting
  • authorisation providers now support custom server
  • provided user information
  • improve ability to style the search control
  • client applications are given the opportunity to process any downloaded OPDS feeds

Pugpig 2.2.0 (release date: 09/04/2014)

As of 2.2.0, Pugpig JAR files and the ant build process are deprecated. In keeping with the Android SDK, from release 2.3.0 we will use Android AAR libraries and gradle for builds.

See Upgrading version 2.1.0 to 2.2.0

Template (2.2.0 rev ddcfe08)

  •  N/A

Pugpig Core (2.2.0 rev ddcfe08)

  • added ability to control the TOC shadow
  • fix a bug that could crash the app with a malformed URL
  • fix a bug that allowed certain types of bad connections to crash the app
  • performance optimizations for KitKat
  • pause snapshotter when the user is interacting with the page control
  • Pugpig authoriser now detects when your network is unavailable and displays a more appropriate error message
  • when clearing a document, ensure that any cached data sources are released
  • improved download progress estimation
  • include a default “section” category schema for ATOM feeds (
  • fix unchecked call to an Android API that only became available in later versions of Android
  • detect circular download references (where two files request each other) and ensure download completes
  • ability to set the background colour on individual TOC cells
  • http header parsing is now case-insensitive, as per spec
  • ensure a download fails if downloaded zips are corrupted or truncated
  • document data sources now include additional metadata (including page type and unique id for a page)
  • fix bugs in search that would cause it to fail with certain malformed HTML tags

Pugpig 2.1.0 (release date: 17/01/2014)

See Upgrading 2.0.0 - 2.1.0

Template (2.1.0 rev 3b94b0e4e)

  • upgraded to support new issue selector framework

Pugpig Core (2.1.0 rev 3b94b0e4e)

  • support for vertical paning
  • ensure hung downloads time-out instead of waiting indefinitely
  • added ability to delegate download error handling, which allows you to display your own errors
  • added ability to suppress error dialogs in providers that display their own errors (like Amazon)
  • fixed a problem that would sometimes show an incorrect thumbnail when swiping quickly through articles
  • fixed problem with highlighting multiple search results
  • new issue selector framework, including a grid-style interface
  • improve markup searcher
  • sharing now uses a content provider to support Android's suggested security model for sharing files
  • Pugpig views now render without errors in Android Studio
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing now allow sharing even if there's no image or URL (i.e. you can share the title)
  • support for meta-data in the OPDS feed: categories and links
  • internal downloader now preserves the order of downloads, even after a restart
  • added ability to pause the snapshotting system programatically
  • better support for action bar (the “up” button now works in the full-screen image view)
  • finer control over cover image quality, allowing higher resolution images on more powerful devices
  • removed TweetDeck as a sharing target, as it's no longer supported
  • internal downloader now allows multiple simultaneous downloads
  • improve download performance
  • fixed problem that would show blank content in some languages
  • KitKat (Android 4.4) support
  • several stability improvements
Pugpig Amamzon Authenticator (2.1.0 rev 3b94b0e4e)
  • suppress Pugpig error dialogs (the Amazon purchasing flow provides its own)
Pugpig Google Play Authenticator (2.1 rev 3b94b0e4e)
  • fixes allowing you to correctly mix paid editions and subscriptions at the same time
  • rebuild inventory more aggressively, so that user sees purchased issues more quickly
  • don't allow re-purchasing an edition while a purchase is still in progress
  • general stability improved

Pugpig 2.0.0 (release date: 09/10/2013)

Upgrading version 1.8.0 - 2.0.0

Template (2.0.0 rev 19287)

  • sample sharing support
Pugpig Core (2.0 rev 19287)
  • better support for unzipping large package files
  • add ability to ignore online status check when downloading
  • fix bug that would cause a crash when presenting an error at startup
  • add ability to control browser auto play
  • improved ability to select text in the browser
  • OPDS feeds can now mark an issue as deleted
  • internal downloader can now control a number of simultaneous downloads
  • internal downloader can now satisfy requests from local filesystem cache when appropriate
  • added a standard Pugpig authorisation provider
  • improved default scroll view fling behaviour, improving the feel of the thumbnail control and issue selector
  • fixed several minor rendering issues
  • added built-in search support, with markup highlighting
  • added sharing support
Pugpig Google Play Authenticator (2.0.0 rev 19287)
  • upgraded authenticator to use Google's v3 API.

Pugpig 1.8.0 (release date: 07/05/2013)

Upgrading version 1.7.0 -1.8.0

Template (1.8.0 rev 17281)

  • Changes to support other activity types.

Library Changes 

Pugpig Core (1.8 rev 17281)
  • Fixes required for Android 4.2 (Jellybean) compatibility.
  • Support for customising supported URL protocol handlers.
  • Improved activity switching - it was previously possible to launch multiple activities (for example, by pressing the “Read” button multiple times).
  • Fixed several bugs that could crash the app.
  • Fixed several rendering bugs that could lead to blank pages and snapshots.
  • Support for licensing.
  • Ability to enable web local storage and databases.
  • Default font scaling now uses rems rather than ems.
  • Vertical scrolling can now be disabled in the page control.
  • View controller framework now supports deriving from other activity types (like PreferencesActivity or FragmentActivity.)
  • Fixed crashes in image preview on smaller-display devices.
  • Improve disk usage by removing unused zip files once they have been unpacked.
  • Various performance optimisations.
  • The document picker now loads covers on demand, automatically scales and limits the number of covers in memory at any one time
  • The document picker allows more flexible customisation using documentPickerWillRenderDocument.
  • Added ability to limit memory used by thumbnails in navigation control.
Pugpig Amamzon Authenticator (1.8 rev 17281)
  • No changes.
Pugpig Google Play Authenticator (1.8 rev 17281)
  • No changes.

Pugpig 1.7.0 (release date: 05/03/2013)

First public release of Pugpig for Android.

Template Features

  • First release of the Pugpig for Android template.

Library Changes 

  • Pugpig Core (1.7 rev 14135)
  • Pugpig Amamzon Authenticator (1.7 rev 14135)
  • Pugpig Google Play Authenticator (1.7 rev 14135)
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