CDN Considerations

General requirements

  • We strongly recommend an origin pull configuration, so you do not need to explicitly push content to a CDN
  • The CDN should normally respect the origin cache headers.
  • The CDN may need to forward query strings, depending on the server. The standard Pugpig Drupal plugin does NOT require it. The standard WordPress plugin does.
  • The CDN should allow and cache HEAD and OPTIONS requests
  • The CDN should never touch any security calls, or receipt validators, although the cache header responses from these should ensure this

Security configurations

For unprotected/free content, we recommend serving all of the feeds and content from the CDN.

For protected content, there are three options

  • Serve everything from the CDN with edge security checks
  • Serve everything from the CDN without any edge security checks, trading security for simplicity and robustness - this option hackable if anyone wants to run a proxy
  • Serve static assets from the CDN and high value content from origin


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