User Token

A token stored on the client device that identifies a user. It is returned by a subscription system when a user logs in.

Edition Credentials Token

A username and password stored on the client device that gives the user access to download the content of a particular edition (or issue). It is generated when attempting to download an edition. This is done either by validating a receipt from a third party store, or when a third party subscription system says a particular user token has access to that issue.

Global Authentication Token

This is optionally returned by the call to Sign In, and it is used if the OPDS feed needs to be personalised.

Pugpig Subscription API

An XML HTTP API that is recommended for the integration of third party subscription systems or database.

Third Party Subscription System

This could be a well known existing subscription provider (for example Dovetail, CDS or Quadrant), or simply a database of users that should get access to certain editions.

Paid for Editions

A Pugpig Edition is either free or paid. If an edition is free, the Pugpig client does not attempt to retrieve an edition credentials token before downloading the content. The OPDS feed indicates which editions are free or paid.

Sample Editions

Details coming soon


This is an Atom based format that lists all the available editions to the app. The IDs of items in the feed need to match (or be mappable) to editions or products in a Third Party Subscription System or a Vendor Store.

Vendor Store

By Vendor Store we mean one of Apple iTunes, Amazon App Store, Google Play, etc

Pugpig Client

A Pugpig Client is any app or website built on top of the Pugpig Core libraries. This will include Pugpig for iOS, Android, Windows and Web, as well as more specialised vertical products built on these such as Pugpig for Magazines.

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