This page contains the release notes for versions of Pugpig for Continuous Publishing. Please follow our guide to Upgrading your project to a new Pugpig Product release. See the quick links below for all releases:

- v1.5.1 (Release date: 08/02/2016)
- v1.4.2 (Release date: 05/10/2015)
- v1.4.1 (Release date: 04/08/2015)
- v1.4.0 (Release date: 10/06/2015)
- v1.3.5 (Release date: 28/04/2015)
- v1.3.4 (Release date: 01/04/2015)
- v1.3.2 (Release date: 12/02/2015)
- v1.3.1 (Release date: 15/01/2015)
- v1.3.0 (Release date: 19/12/2014)
- v1.2.1 (Release date: 14/11/2014)
- v1.2.0 (Release date: 05/10/2014)
- v1.1.0 (Release date: 11/07/2014)

Pugpig for Continuous 1.6.0

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing is now outdated. Release notes from this point on are captured under Pugpig App Container product here. If you are unsure about your upgrade path and migration to our new products please contact

Pugpig for Continuous 1.5.1

This release includes a large number of changes and we've provided more information on these here. Please read before you begin your upgrade. Please note this is the last documented release for Continuous as a separate product and does not include an installer. As of 1.6.0 we'll release our app product as the Pugpig App Containers.

This release includes:

  • Merged code & UI for Pugpig for Magazines and Continuous Publishing
  • New config options to support to auto-download & jump into latest edition
  • User data capture form to collect user details (requires third party support to store data)
  • AppBoy module support
  • Bitcode enabled
  • Updates to Google Analytics module
  • Default icon set change (using our Curved set)
  • Toolbar custom icon and link support
  • Pinned Latest News edition(s) in sidebar
  • Table of Contents can now be set to a full-screen mode for all devices and orientations
  • Tiled & Stacked table of contents have been set to full width/screen as default
  • No longer filtered by section - swipe off last page in one section onto first page of the next section
  • One search result per page
  • Removed the preload screen in Continuous apps
  • Deprecated subscription support & server side app store subscriptions
  • Improved the page loading screen (new page mask)
  • Fix for anchor links (back to top links)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Pugpig for Continuous 1.4.2

This release includes:

  • Added support for app names with special characters in
  • Added support for Enable Sandbox Reset key, defaults to YES if not specified. Should be disabled if using Parse.
  • Disabled BITCODE for Xcode 7 build compatibility
  • Promo slots module customisable to support third party ad providers
  • Updates to Parse module
  • Updates to Quantcast module

Pugpig for Continuous 1.4.1

This release includes:

  • Added toolbar overflow functionality - more info here
  • Added ability to add text resize, nightmode icon to document toolbar
  • Added loading spinners to the tiled table of contents
  • Added more theme options to the tiled table of contents (`sectioncolor` and `sectionbackgroundcolor) and fixed Section.TextColor
  • Added support for extra query parameters in URLs and use of absolute URLs for the auth endpoints
  • Added display of logo/text in document toolbar on iPhone to match iPad
  • Added display of logo in TOC toolbar on iPhone to match iPad
  • Ability to set Tiled TOC to be full width on one orientation
  • UI change moved Settings and Accounts icons to document toolbar (from toc)
  • Improved support for long captions on images in full screen view, now limited to two lines which expand on tap
  • Updated to latest version of Pugpig SDK
  • Various other bug fixes & improvements

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.4.0

This release includes:

  • Paywall panel improvements and fixes
  • Incorrect page snapshot fixes
  • Download prioritisation improvements
  • Home icon removed from non-level based editions
  • Ability to colour ToC section headers - extended the toc_style category
  • Tapping selected ToC item will dismiss ToC
  • Tiled ToC default width is now full-width of phone portrait
  • Support for ATOM page per zip feed and downloads
  • Table of contents API change to fix remembering page you were on when it exists more than once in the document
  • Changes to default localisable copy strings for error messages to be more user friendly
  • Updated to latest version of iRate (v1.11.4)
  • Updated to latest version of Google Analytics library (v3.12)
  • Updated to latest version of Pugpig SDK
  • Various other bug fixes & improvements

Here is a full set of Localisable Strings and Theme Keys available for 1.4.0.

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.3.5

A minor patch release to 1.3.4 to include some bug fixes for when a page displays Unavailable Right Now message due certain image cannonical absolute URLs

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.3.4

This interim release includes:

  • Xcode Template now set for 64-bit compatibility
  • Xcode 5 support dropped
  • Updates to Google Analytics module
  • Updates & new features to our Tiled TOC control
  • Added latest news widget to show most recent articles in TOC
  • Added support for Deep linking (to content already on device)
  • Added support for PDF editions (OPDS level like any other edition)
  • Ability to customise authorisation button strings per provider
  • Ability to hide/show TOC header logo or text label
  • Ability to dynamically insert adverts (ad shuffling)
  • Visual feedback added to Restore Purchases button
  • Various bug fixes & improvements

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.3.2

This interim release includes:

  • Update to Pugpig SDK iOS version 2.5 (see release notes)
  • New tile based table of contents (TOC) control available (more info here)
  • Ability to display a primary promo slot in tile table of contents (TOC)
  • Ability to expand and collapse sections in tile table of contents
  • Pull to refresh behaviour improvements
  • Support for GA user tracking
  • Extend page download priority to support ZIP-based ATOM downloads
  • Updates to our Pugpig modules for Sounds, Shopping and Analytics
  • Various bug fixes

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.3.1

This interim release includes:

  • Pre-Pugpig app cleanup functionality
  • Important fix for Paywall with iTunes subscription purchase
  • Fix to theme new arrow drag to refresh icon in iOS 7
  • Various minor bug fixes

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.3.0

This release includes:

  • New content refresh behaviour
  • Ability to serve auth endpoints from the OPDS feed
  • Full support for our Shopping module
  • Switched to use iOS 7+ view-controller-based status bar methods
  • New push modules available for Parse & Urban Airship
  • Segmented push with Parse or UA
  • Various bug fixes

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.2.1

In this interim release we have included a round of stabilisation fixes for the product. This release includes:

  • Theme-able button widths
  • Supress errors from image downloads
  • Remove previous UA Push config
  • Added garbage collection (data from device)
  • Ability to add custom Table of Contents in the app
  • Updates to the analytics module
  • GA custom dimension indexes reserved to 18 (used to be 20)
  • Updated iRate to 1.11.3
  • Prompt for rating boolean to YES by default
  • Ability to set multiple feeds based on device locale
  • Urban Aiship Enterprise SDK Push module available
  • Refactor OPDS feed config to use dictionaries
  • Various bug fixes

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.2.0

In this release we have included fixes for iOS 8 and Xcode 6 related issues we have also added 64-bit support. This versions supports apps compiled 32-bit and 64-bit devices on iOS 7 or 8.

Refer to Upgrading version 1.1.0 to 1.2.0

This release also includes:

  • Ability for pages to appear in multiple places with filters
  • Integration with iOS Sharing action sheet (enables sharing extensions & other providers)
  • In-app purchases for subscriptions
  • Ability to switch feeds inside app
  • Ability to remove page thumbnails icon from toolbar
  • Ability to hide/show table of contents icon in toolbar on page by page basis
  • Ability to not remember users page position after configurable time
  • Improved last refreshed content time message
  • New badge to indicate new content available
  • Improvements to Search; auto-focus on field, flashing cursor and ability to show page title in results
  • Generic push interface; enabling integration with provider of your choice
  • Generic analytics provider; enabling integration with provider of your choice
  • Support for page annotations
  • Initial support for multiple auth providers (feature in beta)
  • New Welcome / Help image slideshow on app startup
  • Update to latest Pugpig SDK
  • Various bug fixes and stabilisation

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing 1.1.0

Our first official release of Continuous Publishing on iOS. This version supports iOS 7+.

This release includes:

  • Incremental download (atom feed only)
  • Table of contents and page thumbnails
  • Scrapbooking
  • Offline content view and search
  • Login integration for third party subscriptions
  • Protected pages behind a paywall
  • Text resizing & nightmode
  • Sharing
  • Rate this app (iRate)
  • Google analytics
  • Single and multi-tier navigation
  • Push Notifications
  • Full page ads in content
  • Image galleries and videos
  • Update to latest Pugpig SDK
  • Various bug fixes and stabilisation
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