Partner handbook


Our partner handbook includes helpful material and documentation to support you through the sales and onboarding process:


Sales and marketing 

Introduction to Pugpig Bolt - sales presentation
Introduction to Pugpig Publish - sales presentation
Pricing information
List of live apps and links to stores
Overview of the Pugpig sales process and qualifying questions
Pugpig services packs - what services are included in each pack
Shared new business/sales tracker
App set-up and scoping questions

Pugpig onboarding documentation
Customer onboarding checklist
Apple and Google documentation for store submission (if required)
Editorial training guide (for Express)
Typical app KPIs

Zendesk developer documentation
Client facing product roadmaps


We also provide Pugpig Express free trials and proof of concept apps for new client opportunities: 

Pugpig Express free trial - a two week free trial of our Express authoring service. Best suited to customers who want to test the workflow and understand the inner workings of the Express authoring tools. To request a free trial make a copy of this google doc, complete the required information and submit to

Proof of Concept app - we work with you to build a branded app container for your clients (using their fonts, colours and logos). Best suited for customers who want to see a demo app of their content in a branded app container. Most customers choose to set this up with a Pugpig Express free trial to populate the container with content pages from Express, however you may want the ability to test an integration with your CMS. You can take either approach. To request a proof of concept app make a copy of this google doc, complete the required information and submit to



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