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When you're partnering with us, we will provide you with all the support you need as you work on your client projects. And when it comes to selling Pugpig licences, we work in two ways:

  1. In the majority of cases, your client simply needs to purchase a Pugpig licence from Kaldor under our standard contract. In this case they will enter into a software licence agreement with us directly.
  2. In cases where you expect to sell high volumes of licences, we can discuss entering into a reseller agreement, where you will sign an umbrella licence agreement with us and resell licences to your customers, ensuring that each end client complies with Kaldor’s standard end user terms. 

And if you require professional services support from the Kaldor team at any time, we will set up a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with you that will cover any work we do for you.


Projects, Operations and Support

A typical project will work as follows:

  1. You lead on the sales process (we can help with this if needed).
  2. Your team will take responsibility for project work including: creating proofs of concept (POCs), setting up and customising the server and any apps on behalf of the client, and submitting apps to the relevant app marketplace(s).
  3. If required, we can provide services to help your team deliver the project, to be billed under our standard rate card (as defined in the MSA).
  4. Once live, your team will take responsibility for the running of the platform end to end (including all server and app components).
  5. We will provide support for the Pugpig product in line with the service levels defined in the Software License Agreement to the end client (under the standard partnership format); or to your team (under reseller or white label partnership).


Setting expectations

  • Where appropriate, we will try to introduce you to potential new clients and aid in the sales process, and vice versa.
  • Where appropriate, we will both use reasonable commercial efforts to market and promote the other's software or services.
  • You will provide reasonable feedback with respect to our software (such as feedback on usability, bug reports, test results and documentation), as well as training initiatives and events provided under the programme.
  • There's no contract to sign to be part of the programme, and as such either of us can opt out of the partnership at any time with no liability.
  • Such an opt out shall not affect any rights or obligations under any MSA or software licence agreement that has been entered into by Kaldor and the Partner or Kaldor and any end client.
  • The partner programme provides for no exclusivity and does not preclude either you or us from entering into other partner relationships or otherwise doing business with any third party.


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