How to Watermark Covers

Cover Images

It's a good idea to have different covers for development and production environments. There are 'Dev', 'Test' and 'Stage' banners that are available for your use - they can be found here - sites/all/modules/pugpig/core/common/images/

In order to apply these banners as watermarks to your edition covers you need to do the following:

Add these Drupal modules and enable - Imagecache Actions, Imagecache Canvas Actions

Go to Admin » Settings, expand 'Advanced' section, in 'Default image style for cover images' field input the name of the style you are creating - eg. 'cover'

  • Go to Config » Image styles » Add style » Input the name of the style you just created.
  • Click 'Create new style', define the effects you would like to apply.
  • For a watermark select 'Overlay (watermark)' from the drop down - there are options for the placement of the watermark and the URL to the image is required.
  • The existing banners are 1500px wide to allow for wide images - and so should be center aligned on the x-axis, they can be placed anywhere on the y-axis.
  • The path to the image should be something like sites/all/modules/pugpig/core/common/images/dev.png

Warning: Due to a limitation in the GD toolkit, using an opacity other than 100% requires the system to use an algorithm that's much slower than the built-in functions. If you want partial transparency, you are better to use an already-transparent png as the overlay source image.

You can also adjust the size and other elements of the images here.

Save the settings, and the changes you made should take immediate effect and be visible in the edition list.

NOTE: You need to add a cover image, this will have no effect on the default Pugpig Image

Fav Icons

We also recommend a different favicon for each environment. You can configure these in Appearance > Themes > Settings > Shortcut Icon Settings

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