Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for versions of the Pugpig Standalone PHP utilities. As with all modules, please test the upgrade on a test/staging environment thoroughly before upgrading your live site.

- Standalone v2.4.0 (revision ) {release date: 11/12/2015}
- Standalone v2.3.10 (revision ) {release date: 07/07/2015}
- Standalone v2.3.0 (revision ) {release date: 02/02/2015}
- Standalone v2.2.0 (revision ) {release date: 15/07/2014}
- Standalone v2.1.0 (revision 0917b5e) {release date: 05/10/2013}
- Standalone v2.0.0 (revision 18821) {release date: 05/08/2013}
- Older

Standalone PHP 2.4.0

  • Fixing timezone in atom feed. Adding ability to set timezone in cms or php.ini. t the timezone exist in the php.ini or wp but is not set use 'UTC'
  • Adding helper function for default feed namespaces
  • Adding global message variable an ability to set it
  • Removing Newsstand and Urban Airship Push

Standalone PHP 2.3.10

  • Major changes to the packaging code, to enable, arbitrary 'buckets' of zips
  • Supporting PHP 5.2 (added if loop around function that only exists in PHP 5.4+)
  • Atom feed categories now show labels where available
  • Added support for optional content_filter parameter 
  • Added support for removing the level tag in the feed xml
  • Adding support for duplicating/removing/modifying pages when getting the atom container - e.g. for duplicating pages into multiple sections
  • Changed to passing the edition id rather than the found edition info
  • Renaming bytesToSize to pugpig_bytestosize
  • Important fixes to ensure the OPDS and edition updated date are correctly honoured
  • Adding support for PDFs as editions in OPDS feed

Standalone PHP 2.3.0

  • Major improvements to endpoint checker, including checking HTTP headers and bad files.
  • Hooks to allow the addition of custom headers, for example to support Akamai edge authentication
  • Ability to have enclosures at the top level of the Atom
  • Improvements to the authentication API helper functions
  • Improvements to the authentication test form
  • General better error checking around CURL)
  • Fail-open Bug Fix in Dovetail code
  • Support for Amazon IAP v2 billing in receipt validator

Standalone PHP 2.2.0

  • Package zips restricted to 20MB each, with more ZIPs created (iOS 3G background download limit) 
  • Improvements to test form and content ( does POSTS rather than GETS)
  • Support for global authentication password to allow personalised OPDS feeds
  • Added support for custom categories, custom links and extra comments at the root level of the OPDS feed.
  • Add support for page access control and editions with samples
  • Added support for writing categories to the verify subscriptions XML response, for example for user based custom analytics
  • Adding some utility functions for Pugpig Sounds
  • Adding helper functions for search driven Atom feeds

Standalone PHP 2.1.0

  • Google Play Subscription fix
  • Improvement to subscription test form messaging
  • Added token renewing to test auth endpoint
  • Added sample ePub feed with Gutenberg content
  • Including download size in generated feeds
  • Refactored CDS subs module into common area

Standalone PHP 2.0.0

  • Added a high volume content test endpoint, with more variety in test cases. Paid for editions require auth.
  • Helper functions to generate test endpoints
  • Updates to handle Version 3 of the Google Subscriptions API
  • Improvements to auth test form, including a user agent
  • Improved packager error handling on broken manifests
  • Ability to generate Tombstones in the OPDS feed
  • Ability to generate a Newsstand ATOM feed (test example included)
  • Ability to configure concurrent connections in the packager
  • Bugfix in Cloudfront invalidation manifest generation
  • More neutral cover images included

Standalone PHP 1.1.0 (revision 16330)

  • Includes Blackberry App World server side module

Standalone PHP 1.0.0 (revision 16075)

  • First official bundled release including standalone test functions
  • Improved Urban Airship module a single call including Newsstand Push and messages
  • Including generic subscription integration test form
  • Includes standalone iTunes Receipt validator
  • Includes Amazon Store server side module
  • Includes Google Play server side module
  • Security/Subscription functions support issue based access


  • Changes to the packager to include all users are relative
  • Packager removes old package files

New mode to show all images in the package

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