Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for versions of the Pugpig Wordpress Connector. As with all plugins, please test the upgrade on a test/staging environment thoroughly before upgrading your live site.

Always clear your WordPress permalinks after installing or updating this plugin.

- Wordpress 2.8.1 {release date: 19/01/2017}  
- Wordpress 2.7.1 {release date: 01/12/2016}  
- Wordpress 2.5.0 {release date: 22/04/2016}  
- Wordpress 2.4.1 {release date: 11/12/2015}  
- Wordpress 2.3.4 {release date: 06/06/2015}
- Wordpress 2.1.0 {release date: 02/02/2015}
- Wordpress 1.4.0 (revision 76c583a) {release date: 15/07/2014}
- Wordpress 1.3.0 (revision 76c583a) {release date: 17/01/2014}
- Wordpress 1.2.0 (revision 18706) {release date: 05/08/2013}
- Wordpress 1.1.0 (revision 16084) {release date: 12/04/2013}
- Wordpress 1.0.0 (revision 11128) {release date: 20/01/2013}
- Older versions

WordPress Connector 2.8.1


  • Edition Preview buttons added back to dashboard widget
  • Redirecting edition preview button/link to webreader
  • Inline image URLs with encode data are no longer proxied or added to manifest
  • Allowing logged in user to view internal feed even if out of IP range
  • WCK compatibility with Pugpig and Wordpress version 4.7+
  • Various bug fixes including edition key updating on edition change if you used auto-create edition key feature
  • Adding a setting to change name of html files (pugpig_index.html)


  • Making sure Product SKUs are unique on save
  • Fixing bug with images with bad characters not appearing in shopping model
  • Setting products json modified time to be latest of edition, posts or products changes

PDF Importer:

  • Supporting multiple pdf uploads at once
  • Changing page names in toc to 'Page 1', etc

WordPress Connector 2.7.1


  • Major update to the web preview (at origin) tool for editions and pages
  • Various improvements to the Dashboard widgets
  • Improvements to Create Edition view - new config including options around showing editions to 'Subscribers only' (Private edition flag)
  • Placeholder plugin now supports adding section and order by taxonomy

PDF Importer:

  • Preventing uploads of incorrect filetypes
  • Improved error warnings

WordPress Connector 2.5.0

  • Various changes to improve publish and update logic
  • Changes for URL escaped characters
  • Removed support for JATS importer, this could be reinstated at a later date

WordPress Connector 2.4.1

  • Added new content type: Full Page Image - more info here
  • Added new Distribution Service plugin - more info here (requires account config - contact support for this information)
  • Adding a field in settings to allow extra files to be added to manifest
  • Added PDF edition size
  • Adding current active theme to OPDS feed comments
  • Added an option on the articles page to filter by edition tag.
  • Added auto-curation for editions - automatically include new posts in edition and order them on save or update
  • New sharing options in Pugpig Settings - disable or set what you want to share. Before sharing page url by default.
  • Deprecated and removed Urban Airship Push and Apple Newsstand related modules and fields because they are no longer functional
  • Added support for JATS importer (beta)
  • Added support for Mathml and Latex (beta)
  • Added support for Puzzles module (beta)
  • Updated to Pugpig PHP Standalone 2.4.0 - see PHP Release Notes

WordPress Connector 2.3.4

  • Major improvements to HTTP cache headers for continuous publishing

WordPress Connector 2.1.0

  • Major improvements to HTTP cache headers for continuous publishing
  • Added settings to configure TTLs for feeds and pages
  • Improve X-Pugpig-Entitlement headers for granular edge auth
  • New plugin Pugpig Products
  • Adding support for server generated thumbnails using PhantomJS (beta)
  • Hook to allow links against an edition (for example Products)
  • Bugfix with badly encoded filenames
  • Bugfix when rewriting image URLS with different quote marks
  • Receipt validator support for Amazon v2 Billing API


WordPress Connector 1.4.0

  • Improvements to packager including limiting each .zip file to 20MB
  • Initial support for Windows 8 authentication
  • Added support for sample editions, and page level access control
  • Added support for custom categories in the Verify Subscription response, used in Google Analytics
  • New plugin Pugpig Sounds 
  • New module Promo Codes Module for a simple list of codes to allow access to certain editions. 
  • Added Search driven endpoints
  • Provided hook to display mutliple regional feeds 

WordPress Connector 1.3.0

  • Added support for allowed subscription prefix and list of subscription ids for Google Play.
  • Added CDS subscription plugin.
  • Improved interface for pushing Urban Airship updates and messages separately.
  • Improved default set of extensions allowed in a manifest - now uses an exclusion list (e.g. allows mp4).
  • Fixed support for PHP 5.2.x
  • Created new module for Voucher Codes
  • Including download size in generated feeds
  • Better manifest exclusion handling
  • Fixed bug with slashes in remote image paths

WordPress Connector 1.2.0

  • Ability to delete already published editions via tombstones (client versions 2.0 and above)
  • Ability to serve multiple apps from single WordPress instance using a new edition filter hook
  • Ability to have multiple iTunes stores for multiple regions
  • iTunes separated into a separate module
  • Ability to provide a custom sort for the flatplan if categories aren't enough - see How to Customise the Flatplan
  • Ability to include static OPDS entries in the OPDS feed using the Pugpig settings
  • Ability to automatically populate Newsstand entries from a Newsstand ATOM feed (ALPHA) (requires Metabox plugin) - see How to Automatically populate iTunes IAP descriptions This requires the plugin
  • Understands the idea of child posts on hierarchical post types in the flatplan.
  • Fix bug that caused errors when deleting a post that is included in an edition
  • Bug fixes on the external store credential generators (iTunes, Amazon, Google)
  • Ability to control the concurrent connections on the packager via Pugpig settings
  • Included help functions to support rewriting images imported from a feed that are actually served from the origin server. Includes a hook for custom manipulation
  • Returning Pugpig X-Entitlement and X-Status headers for Varnish cache


WordPress Connector 1.1.0

Now supports Android and file based caches

Note: This release changes the URL structure of the plugin. All editions will need to be repackaged if you are using the package feed. End users may need to redownload editions that they already have.

  • Includes integration with Google Play Store In App Purchases
  • Includes integration with Amazon App Store In App Purchases
  • Ability to include pages as well as posts in an edition
  • Includes updated packager and new URL rewrites which supports Android cache
  • New version of Reader used for preview


WordPress Connector 1.0.0

  • Ability to add a taxonomy onto an edition item to assist with auto-curation of editions
  • Support for permalinks that end in a /
  • Support for WordPress Multisite
  • Support for custom HTML5 bundles for non-templated pages
  • Ability to configure a theme for the Pugpig page that isn't the main theme
  • iTunes Receipt validation now always first verifies with production, then sandbox, complying with new Apple guidelines
  • The plugin no longer requires a Pugpig user agent for theme switching
  • Manifests generated on demand, simplifying the process and fixing many edge case bugs


  • Pugpig Reader 0.3 (revision 11096)
  • Pugpig PHP Common 0.9 (revision 11094)

WordPress Connector 0.3.0 (revision 6315)

  • Removed over-complex tag URIs in favour of simple IDs
  • Ability to send a visible push message via Urban Airship
  • Only including Published pages in the feeds
  • Included new concurrent packager
  • Included new endpoint test tool
  • Bugfix when no user agent present
  • Bugfix when unchecking the Edition Free box
  • Bugfix with different image sizes not being included in the manifest
  • Visible default settings in the settings area
  • Updated Licence


  • Pugpig Reader 0.2 (revision 6205)
  • Pugpig PHP Common 0.5 (revision 6293)

WordPress Connector 0.2.0 (revision 4856)

  • First public release
  • Newsstand packaging support
  • iTunes Connect receipt validation
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