Here is some information to get you started. This is the link to the web-reader v0.5: This is an older version of our reader, we are currently in the process of finishing our new release.

 Download the file and you'll need to pop it into the server that sends the content and pass the link to either a single edition or the edition feed into the query string when you invoke it. If you want to host it somewhere else, you'll need the CORS headers on your server to allow cross domain JavaScript requests (

You can find some basic release notes below:


Pugpig Web Reader Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for versions of the Pugpig Web reader.


Pugpig Web Reader version 0.6 (In Progress)


Core Features

  • Bugix: Reader opens # urls in a new window

Pugpig Web Reader version 0.5 (revision 16074)


Core Features

  • Back and forward browser button support
  • Navigation by changing the URL hash to the page you wish to view
  • Article icons on Table of Contents
  • Full screen preview for images


Pugpig Web Reader version 0.4 (revision 14925)


Core Features

  • First official bundled release of the Web Reader
  • Choose from a variety of devices in both portrait and landscape orientations
  • Custom viewport size
  • Navigate through the Editions Articles
  • Switch Editions
  • Article metadata overview
  • Edition progress indicator
  • Three choices of font sizing
  • Navigate with your keyboard arrow keys or on screen arrow navigation
  • Fullscreen mode in capable browsers
  • Choice of specifying the OPDS Feed url (same domain only)
  • Sharing integration - Facebook and Twitter


Some examples:

Without any parameters - you can enter your feed URL:

With the OPDS feed - you can select any edition:

With the ATOM feed for a single edition:

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