This page contains the release notes for versions of Pugpig for Magazines. Before any update to the Pugpig framework please ensure you have backed up your code and project. See the quick links below for all releases:

Pugpig Web Reader 3.4.0

**Coming soon**

New Features

  • Cross edition search
  • Bolt smartbanner

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Prevent access to paid content when no authentication is defined
  • Send auth header with correct credentials
  • Improvement on the edition filters (HTMLRWEB-2002 & HTMLRWEB-2084)
  • Ability to configure the default font size (HTMLRWEB-2242)
  • Paywall layout improvements for mobile
  • Account panel layout improvements
  • Fixes for HTMLRWEB-1955 & METRO-400
  • Remove toolbar flickers in mobile Safari when using overflow
  • Make overflow buttons scroll on small android devices when needed
  • Search panel results access improvements (HTMLRWEB-2181 & HTMLRWEB-2183)

Pugpig Web Reader 3.3.5

New Features

  • Location based automatic login (IP range)

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Fix for navigation between articles
  • Fix for GA Share page view tracking (the Distribution share page with smart banners)
  • Improvements to GA Share page tracking, `WebSmartBannerClick` changed to `WebSmartBannerClicked`and we added `WebSmartBannerViewed`, `AppSmartBannerDismissed ` and `AppSmartBannerViewed`
  • Support for new (pre-distribution) Preview tool in Pugpig Express
  • Backwards compatibility for older themes

Pugpig Web Reader 3.2.13

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for click on links on iOS
  • Fix for custom style on tables in content

Pugpig Web Reader 3.2.11

New Features

  • Apple news redirection page
  • Deeplinking from smartbanner instead of using redirection page
  • Smartbanner bypass
  • Printing disabled by default
  • Krux analytics integration

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for anchor links
  • Logging out inside an edition display the paywall modal
  • Fix for navigation when hidden articles are included
  • UI Improvements
  • Improve browser support for IE10 and Safari
  • Improve errors on sound panel

Pugpig Web Reader 3.2.6

To be released

New Features

  • Smart banners and deep-linking for sharing content
  • Styling changes to smart banners

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for analytics screen view
  • Adding default text fallback when no custom text is defined


Pugpig Web Reader 3.2.4

Released: 22/08/16

New Features

  • Account panel: Update auth loading spinner and displayed text on login
  • Account panel: Create collapsable tabs for multiple auth providers
  • Privacy tab does not appear if it has no content
  • Custom Footer displays on content
  • Printing is now triggered with an icon. It is optional to show the icon in the toolbar. 

Bug Fixes

  • Hide overflown buttons and app overlay on resize
  • Encode auth token to avoid characters being replace during the request
  • Shopping - navigating with keyboard works
  • Dismiss sounds panel with Esc key
  • Display caption and copyright in gallery on Firefox
  • Content is not scrollable unless the browser is resized on Safari with no scrollbars showing 


Pugpig Web Reader 3.1.1

Released: 26/06/16

Features supported:

  • Server-side search
  • Sounds 
  • Shopping 
  • Auth in feed
  • Paywall
  • Text resize
  • Night mode
  • Analytics Opt-out
  • Edition filters
  • Pinned editions
  • Settings panel 
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Platform body class injection
  • Web Smart banners
  • Disable storefront setting



** Notice ** 

July 2016

We have a new version of the web reader with better performance and more features than ever. 

If you are on an older version of the web reader than 3.0 please get in contact to upgrade





- v1.2.0 (Release date: 08/10/2014)
- v1.1.0 (Release date: 21/07/2014)

Pugpig for Magazines 1.2.0

In this release we have updated our minimum browser support to Chrome 35+, IE 9+, Firefox 31+, Safari 6+, Opera 23+.

This release includes:

  • Support for server-side search
  • Support for Pugpig Sounds
  • UI and theme improvements
  • Mobile device improvements
  • Various bug fixes and stabilisation

Pugpig for Magazines 1.1.0

Our first official release of Pugpig for Magazines on Web. This consumer facing web reader supports online viewing only in most recent browser versions for Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. 

This release includes:

  • Grid edition selector
  • Table of contents
  • Online content view only
  • Login integration for third party subscriptions
  • Built-in settings and login form
  • Theme-able design
  • Configurable interface and localisable strings
  • Text resizing
  • Sharing
  • Google analytics
  • Full page ads in content
  • Image galleries and videos
  • Various bug fixes and stabilisation
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